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Verisign: There Are 296 Million Domains Up 5.9% Year to Year: Only 2% Are New gTLD’s

Posted on the 16 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Verisign released its latest Domain Name Industry Brief, as of June 30th 2015:

The total number of registered domain names rose to 296 million worldwide across all top-level domains

Two million domain names were added to the Internet in Q2 2015, equates to a growth rate of 0.8% over Q1 2015

Worldwide registrations have grown by 16.4 million, or 5.9%, year over year.

The .com and .net TLDs reached a combined total of approximately 133.5 million domain names in the domain name base in Q2, representing a 3.1% increase year over year.

The base of registered names in .com equaled 118.5 million names, while .net equaled 15 million names.

The largest TLDs in order by zone size were .com, .tk, .de, .net, .cn, .uk, .org, .ru, .nl and .info.

Total country-code TLD (ccTLD) registrations were 138 million domain names, a .8 percent increase quarter over quarter, and an 8.2 percent increase year over year.

The top 10 ccTLDs, as of June 30, 2015, were .tk (Tokelau), .de (Germany), .cn (China), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .eu (European Union), .br (Brazil), .au (Australia) and .fr (France).

As of June 30, 2015, there were 288 global ccTLD extensions delegated in the root, including Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), with the top 10 ccTLDs composing 66.7 percent of all ccTLD registrations.

Without including .tk, (which is generally free) ccTLD quarter-over-quarter growth was 1.0% and year-over-year growth was 4.8%

As of June 30, 2015, new gTLD (ngTLD) registrations totaled 5.86 million, which represents 2% of total domain name registrations.

The top 10 new gTLDs represented 44.6% of all new gTLD domain name registrations.

The following charts show new gTLD domain name registrations as a percentage of overall TLD domain name registrations, and also the top 10 new gTLDs as a percentage of all new gTLD domain name registrations:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.13.39 PM

You can also view the Verisign infographic here:

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