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Venus Enters the Stars of Libra – Time to Call for Reform

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Venus is now in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi until 25th Sept 2013 and will go on to connect with Zuben Eschamali on 27th and 28th Sept 2013. Zuben Elgenubi sits at 15:16 degrees Scorpio and Zuben Eschamali is at 19:34 Scorpio.

I group these conjunctions together as they are the main stars in the constellation of Libra that Venus is now entering and both these stars have similar interpretations. Both of these stars have social connotations and the first star Zuben Elgenubi, the southern scale, is mainly associated with groups. This star does urge reform and is generally not associated with personal gain. The kind of reform asked for here could be national, through political means or though legal means. When Venus reaches this position in the skies, then there can be a temptation to act to change society, be it for the better or for the worse. Connections to small minority groups are also highlighted.

Stars of Libra

It is very interesting that as Venus reached this star in the skies, the minority terrorist group Al Shabaab reared its ugly head in Kenya. Last year (2012) at the time of the Benghazi terror attack on the American consulate that saw the American ambassador to Libya killed, transiting Mars was in exactly the same point in the skies, conjunct to Zuben Elgenubi.

The second star Zuben Eschamali or Northern Scale is one of the stars in the Symplegades, the clashing rocks through which Jason and his ship the “Argo” had to sail through in the Quest for the Golden Fleece. This star is more self interested than it’s partner star Zuben Elgenubi and it represents the qualities of helping and aiding social reform, but in a way that promotes your own self interest and improves your position in life, your power and maybe your financial position. Think of the shop steward or union leader who wants better conditions for all but also is a bit selfish desiring a personal pay rise too, and you get the idea of what this star is all about.

The connection with Venus indicates a time of strong opinions being expressed and a determined outlook of right and wrong. Politicians and people of standing will now speak out on social customs, acceptable behavior and the law, maybe financial issues or that of style and fashions and they may challenge what is the norm in bring forward new maybe controversial ideas.

In both these connections you have an change to seek reform of a sorts in your life too, maybe through groups that you join or are a part of or maybe through getting better work conditions or pay for yourself. Maybe you disagree with something and now you will speak out. Maybe you will feel it is time for a change in the work you do, in your duties or routines? You decide to have a new health regime or you need more personal freedom? Whatever your aim, think of the impact that it will have on the other people around you too. This is not a time just to be selfish, but it is also a chance to assist others alongside you too.

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