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Vanya Anaarblend Pomegranate Body Massage Oil Review

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺

I have already reviewed Vanya Face cleanser previously and in this post, I am going to review their body massage oil. I was attracted towards their pomegranate range and got to try this product. A lot of us give extra care to facial skin and completely ignore the body. Massage oils can help you relax, relieve stress, deeply hydrate the skin and would help you pamper yourself.

Let me get into the review directly

My experience with Vanya Anaarblend pomegranate body massage oil

Price: Rs.660 for 100 ml

Availability; AMAZON, Vanya Website

Product description

Pomegranate Body Massage Oil is an effusively fragrant infusion of pomegranate, pineapple, beetroot, carrot and cold pressed sesame and sunflower oils.

ANAARBLEND absorbs nicely and combats skin inflammation.

Blended with many essential oils and scented with floral incense, this massage oil will prove helpful in taking care of the body.


Vanya Anaarblend pomegranate body massage oil


  • This massage oil penetrates deeply to impart hydration while firming skin tone and resisting anti-ageing sag.
  • This oil intensely lubricates while providing lasting nourishment.
  • It can be used everyday after bath or whenever skin feels dry.

Directions to use

Apply the oil all over your body and massage with gentle yet firm strokes. Permit the goodness of oil to soak in to your skin for atleast an hour before you bathe. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight during the entire process.

Can be used after bath or just as massager it will give a soothing experience while toning the skin texture and nourishing skin cells.

How is the packaging?

It comes in a brown plastic bottle with a steel cap which is protected well inside a cardboard box. All the details about this Vanya pomegranate massage oil will be found on the label and the outer box.

Vanya Anaarblend pomegranate body massage oil

How is the color and fragrance of the oil?

The oil is very light yellow in color and it has a fragrance which I can’t explain actually. It’s a bit strong but once you apply it, the fragrance doesn’t bother at all. And after shower the fragrance doesn’t linger around.

How is consistency?

The oil is non-sticky and gets absorbed into the skin as we massage it well. I loved the fact that it’s not too heavy and non-tacky. Because we have to leave it on the skin for around 60 minutes as per the instructions, so if it’s tacky then that would have been a big issue.

How is it?

This body massage oil has the goodness of amazing ingredients (you can check the ingredient list) and deeply hydrates the skin. It’s not heavy on the skin yet it hydrated my skin after the shower. I didn’t feel the need of any body lotion after using this oil and taking a shower.

I felt my skin softer and smoother when I used this oil and took shower. It helps in better cleansing and felt very nourishing. Dry and flaky skin people will love this as well. I have normal skin and I personally loved this. I love the way how my skin feels post-shower whenever I have used this oil.

NOTE: This is a body massage oil and is not supposed to be used on the face. I confirmed this particular thing with the brand too.

Amazing things about Vanya Anaarblend pomegranate body massage oil

Extremely hydrating and nourishing

Suitable for all skin types

Dry skin people must try

Makes my skin soft and smooth

A must-have for the winter season


Gets absorbed into the skin and after shower hydrates the skin really well.

The fragrance is not so great but that doesn’t even last.


NONE for me

Final verdict

I have been lazy and never tried massage oil but this product is soooo good. No matter what your skin type is, you will like it. It’s hydrating and gives a very soft feel to the skin. I would highly recommend this to try and I feel as the winter is approaching this will be one of the best ways to pamper your body skin. I have felt that taking a shower after soaking the body in the oil helps in removing dirt and grime more effectively.

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