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Value Your Brand? Then You Need to Give a DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Posted on the 01 August 2017 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
Value Your Brand? Then You Need to Give a DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Value Your Brand? Then You Need to Give a DAM (Digital Asset Management)

A digital asset management system is a single place, either on a shared drive or server or in the cloud, where you can store everything associated with your brand library-fonts, images, colors, infographics, templates, logos, and much more. Unless you're an integrated marketer who's also a one-person creative department, the value of having a single repository for all your creative assets cannot be overstated.

Keep your brand strong

You worked hard to build your brand. Now, protect it by ensuring consistency across all the materials created by your creative team. A DAM lets you easily warehouse and categorize all of your brand's essential elements for easy access, and back them up and archive them from the same place.

Create efficiencies

How much time have you wasted in your life looking for your car keys or wallet - and how much time would you have saved by having a designated receptacle for them? That's a huge part of the appeal behind a DAM: everything is always in the same place.

This allows for more flexibility: for example, if you needed to bring in a freelancer, having a DAM in place makes it easy for even an outsider to locate all of your brand's assets and relevant files so they could hit the ground running. Implementing a DAM system can also help avoid the bottlenecks in work that occur when one person is waiting on another to hand of files, photos, or fonts. Another benefit of a DAM that it facilitates consistency among all collateral and brands.

Support other important areas of your company, too

Your DAM system has applications far beyond the creative department: your account and management teams might use it to store completed job briefs, supporting material, and templates for documents, and having a DAM means your sales team can quickly grab the latest approved collateral and other materials they might need to close a deal.

Giving a DAM has never made so much sense

Saving time and money while helping creatives create more and enabling your salespeople to sell more makes a DAM an essential investment. Integrated marketers who want to continually amp up their efficiency and effectiveness should read about how to passively market all the time, recruiting your customers to create engaging content, and reaching their customers where they live, play and shop (i.e., their mobile phone).

Last modified: August 3, 2017

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