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  1. davedtc

    Dave's Travel Corner :

    International travel community, founded 1996

  2. David Walker

    The Importance of Using Cases in Assignment :

    I am David Walker a blog writer. I help college and university students. I solve the writing-related problem.

  3. dbenson117

    The Random Automotive :

    How's It Sounding? :

    I love cars, guns, and audio. I also blog and make videos about those topics.

  4. decorque

    Decorque Blog :

  5. The Shri Ram School :

  6. Jannese Torres

    Delish D'Lites :

  7. Demi Mist

    Beauty and the Mist :

  8. diaryofamuzungu

    Diary of a Muzungu :

    Experience Uganda with a Lonely Planet blogger & connoisseur of local gin: adventure, stray animals & cultural (mis)observations. 'Diary of a Muzungu' kicked...

  9. dietdoctor

    Diet Doctor :

  10. dieworkwear

    Die, Workwear! :

  11. Betty T. Edwards Betty

    Chrysalis Fashion :

  12. djridings

    5 Things to Do Today :

    Inspirational Blog. 5 things to do today posted every day.

  13. Debi Lantzer

    2014 and Beyond! :

    I began writing to share my life's journey of weight loss, of running, of recovering and then doing it all over again by God's grace, following a near-fatal...

  14. dlittle30

    Understanding Society :

    I am a philosopher of social science with a strong interest in China and Southeast Asia. Paying attention to the logical and conceptual issues raised by the...

  15. doggone

    Penigma :

  16. domaxi198

    Snoopy Alien :

  17. dplylemd

    The Writer's Forensics Blog :

  18. dreamtechie

    Fashionandbeautyblogger,FABB :

    Let Us Publish :

    Dream Techie :

  19. Dr VIkram Chauhan

    Planet Ayurveda Consultants Portal-Optimum Health Begins Here :

    Ayurvedic Management for all diseases :

    Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurvedic Medicine) is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Chandigarh (India). He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He ha...

  20. Dubai City Company

    Dubai City Company :

    Jobs in Dubai City - Career, Recruitment, Job Vacancies Finder and Employment help in United Arab Emirates. Dubai City Company is the leading recruitment company

  21. Dudepins

    Dudepins: Blog :

    Dudepins is a social platform for individuals to share "male-oriented" content. Basically, Dudepins is a website to discover and share the coolest stuff for...

  22. eastofmidnight

    eastofmidnight :

  23. ecoexperts

    The Eco Experts Blog :

  24. electrickiwi

    Electric Kiwi :

  25. Eleni Balkouli

    ChicandStylishWeddings :

  26. elizabethprata

    The End Time :

  27. elynnnn3

    Mrs Doggie | Your Lovely Pet Lover :

    MrsDoggie is an award-winning dog website that provides pet training tips, dog breed guides, and product reviews that is useful to all pet...

  28. Emily Underworld

    Emily Underworld :

    Emily Underworld :

    A London Student Lifestyle Blogger

  29. enchantingtravels

    Luxury Asia Tours Tailor-Made for a Journey of a Lifetime :

  30. entertainmentjolt

    Entertainment Jolt :

    Just like your daily coffee jolt we are your stop for your entertainment jolt.

  31. t_mackinnon

    Canadian Geomatics Jobs Blog :

    Geomatics helps discover our world :

    Canadian GIS :

    Environment Green :

  32. epicluxuryweddings

    Epic Luxury Weddings :

  33. epreston

    Electrical Industry News :

  34. erica

    Reading 1900-1950 :

  35. esm

    Essential Oil Mag :

  36. Chantana

    everbluec :

  37. Katrina Torres

    Excursionista :

    I'm a 30-something Filipina who didn't quit her job to travel the world. She's just lucky to have an online job that allows her to work from long...

  38. Monkeys and Mountains Adventure

    Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel :

    I am an adventure travel blogger who offers hiking and primate based trips. You can find out more at

  39. Ada

    EyeCandy Needleart :

    A blog by the designer of EyeCandy Needleart, a line of hand painted needlepoint canvases.

  40. Nancy Bell

    Fancy Free Nancy :