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  1. joanigeltman

    Joani's Parenting Tip Of The Day :

    Joani's Daily Parenting Tip is a blog for parents of teens. Each blog is a goody-bag full of tips to deal with the daily trials and tribulations of raising teen...

  2. jobsanger

    jobsanger :

    A political/economics blog written from a progressive point of view.

  3. Joseph Harrison

    Desperately Seeking Adventure :

  4. Harp Times

    Harp Times :

  5. josephharrison1990

    Desperately Seeking Adventure :

  6. josmar16

    Reviews by Josmar Lopes :

  7. joyweesemoll

    Joy's Book Blog :

  8. jsbdsl

    Dont Stop Living :

  9. juntar

    iStoryang HaaayTek! :

  10. jyoti92

    UpdateLand Blog :

  11. Jyoti Arora

    Jyoti Arora :

    Jyoti Arora :

    TechnoTreats :

    Blogger at Author of novels titled Lemon Girl and Dream's Sake

  12. TheGenAboveMe

    The Generation Above Me :

    Observations and insights about the aging process. I spent decades helping young adults as a college writing teacher / advisor. Watching my parents deal with...

  13. karthikprabhu03

    Road Trips - Bangalore :

    I have chosen darkness to be my guide, while war is in my heart, death is by my side ..!!

  14. Kash Pals

    Best places of Interest :

    I am a freelance writer and blogger who loves to travel to best places of interest.

  15. Varinder Singh Kattad Fan of Babbu Maan

    Varinder Singh Kattad Fan of Babbu Maan :

    Hi, My name is VARINDER SINGH, but my friends call me Maan Saab lol, Cause I am a kattad fan of BABBU MAAN.. I love to perform on world music winner’s songs. I...

  16. Katy Perry

    TechStorify - Howto Guides, Software Tutorials and Technology News :

  17. Kayla

    The School Counselor Kind :

    Elementary School Counselor in Maine

  18. KelliLash

    KelliLash :

  19. kendrajbean

    Viv and Larry :

  20. Kev A

    Kev's Snack Reviews :

    I love finding new, interesting, unusual and rare snacks, which is mostly what this blog is dedicated to. However I will also review any other oddities I find,...

  21. Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83

    Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter :

    I'm a book lovin' doll and toy collector. I have a vast collection of dolls, including Mattel's Skipper, BJD's and American Girl. Besides collecting, the...

  22. khadija beauty


    Beauty, Makeup & lifestyle blogger

  23. Kharim Tomlinson :

    Young Jamaican blogger and internet marketer.

  24. khushbookhurana

    Online Market Trends :

  25. Chris Franklin

    The Best Toys Online :

  26. Kirsty Stonell Walker

    The Kissed Mouth :

  27. kitchengrrrls

    Kitchen Grrrls :


    We Minored In Film :

    Two pop culture obsessives who cover film, television, and anything else which piques our geeky interests.

  29. sharemyknowledge

    Indian Cuisine Taste :

    Dubai Chef Stories :

    You Should Know – All Educational Informations :

    Dubai Chef Stories :

    All about Sweets, Foods & Veg Restaurants of India :

    Classified Genius :

    Spark Web Journal :

    Mens & women's Perfumes | Fragrances Reviews, Tips :

  30. kravelv

    Kravelv :

    Bacon fan. Web aficionado. Total travel ninja. Coffee geek. Home and garden writer.

  31. krimkus

    Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right :

  32. kungfujedi

    The Adventure Blog :

  33. Lady Eve

    The Lady Eve's Reel Life :

  34. laharris1

    Gwen Moss :

  35. Clo Hutch

    Lashes of Lifestyle :

  36. latoya

    The Archives: LaToya's Early Day Internet Diaries :

    LaToya: The Writer, The Clairvoyant Medium :

    "My Voice" Weblog :

    I Am A Genuine Clairvoyant Born With The Caul/Veil. And I Am A Natural Born Writer.

  37. lenalenson

    Tech Republic BY Jonathan Walker : : :

  38. leopassion

    Leo Passion :

    You're a man on the go. You care about your style. We will help you choose the best perfume and dress to fit your style. More charismatic, more passionate

  39. lesbrary

    The Lesbrary :

  40. Alexa Alfonso

    Lex Loves Couture :