• Is daycare better than staying at home?

    Most working parents face a dilemma situation where they should put their children in daycare and go for work or quit work and stay with them at home. Many believe it’s good for a parent to be all the time available for their child in their growing years, while many believe a child learns to develop social communication in a daycare.

    Financial Conditions:
    While sending your child in daycare, you can go to the office and not put an extra burden on the other duty. Also with the increase in finances, you will be able to give more facilities and better future for your child. Also, if the child’s daycare is near the office, then you can once in a while check in on your baby. But if you choose to stay at home, income is halved since the only earning member now in the house is your husband. So you need to cut down on your daily budgets and compromise on your current lifestyle.

    Witnessing your child’s initial moments:
    Majority parents fear that while sending the child to daycare, they might miss on the initial moments of their child. While being at daycare, the child spends most of the time away from you. You might miss your child’s first word, first walk, first crawl and a lot of things which he learns in his early days.
    These things can be achieved when you stay at home because you will be able to see your child’s each and every small moment right from struggling to get up and falling to his cute words.

    Societal Pressure:
    Also, society has a reaction to parents staying at home or working. When the parents are working, the society says the mother should stay home to raise the child. While when the parents stay at home, society considers the parent lazy and not ambitious.

    Commuting Factor:
    Commuting is also a factor which plays a role in deciding whether to put in daycare or not. If there are longer distances, then communication cost adds up. Whereas if the parent stays at home, that cost wouldn’t be needed.

    General Benefits:
    Daycares provide an environment which is full of activities and games, which increases the child’s creativity and communication skills. According to research, children who attend daycare score better in academics. Moreover, when children go to daycare, they tend to be more independent because they start learning things on their own early.
    Staying at home also has its benefits. You have your parent beside you all the time to take care of your needs. It also creates a strong parent-child bonding which makes the child feel sure and happy. Also, the child gets your attention, making the child feel loved and special.

    General Drawbacks:
    Even when we discussed multiple benefits, every coin has two sides. So with benefits come their drawbacks. Children at daycare are exposed to the environment and make catch illnesses. Also, these children spend hours away from home which can be tiring for them. Also, the more time children spend in daycare, the less time they spend with their parents.
    Not only daycare but also staying at home has its disadvantages. Children staying at home may not learn social skills because they do have much interaction with other kids. Also, the kids become habitual to having their parents with them all the time, and hence it becomes difficult for them when they start schooling.

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