• The Place Where Mughal-e-Azam Played Out……

    Place Where Mughal-e-Azam Played Out……

    Once upon a time there was brave prince by the name Salem . He was deeply in love with a beautiful princesses Mehr-un-Nissa . However Salem’s father , the... Read more

    Posted on 19 January 2017 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Principles of Life

    Principles Life

    Foundation Of LifeIn school we have been taught about the various laws and principles of sciences/commerce.We have all burned the midnight lamp to mug those... Read more

    Posted on 12 March 2013 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Wisdom Cards

    Wisdom Cards

    Wisdom Card plz enlarge for better viewServiceSpace is a lovely non profit organization founded by Nipun Mehta .Its mission is helping each other making this... Read more

    Posted on 27 February 2013 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Blue


    A JOURNEY Sultan battery Fort ,magaloreAll the above pics have been taken at SULTAN BATTERY FORT,MANGALORE My 1st post after after a long hiatus of almost 6... Read more

    Posted on 31 January 2013 SELF EXPRESSION
  • The Honest Lies

    Honest Lies

    Tear drops roll down my eyes,As soulmates bid goodbyes.....The Secret remains buried deep within.......The untold HONEST Lies........Bonded by the thread of... Read more

    Posted on 01 August 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Being Ubiquitous

    Being Ubiquitous

    plz enlarge for a better viewThe above is the picture of my class mate :Sudip kr Majee he blogs @networkscanthe picture is a wonder of photoshop made by Sudip... Read more

    Posted on 17 July 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Invictus


    Life may beat me down,but my spirit won't abate,Difficult might be the path,but I will reach my Goal ;Bcoz I am the master of my Fate ,I am the Captain of my... Read more

    Posted on 25 May 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • My Angel(mother's Day)

    Angel(mother's Day)

    MY ANGELGet Up ,Get up Beta , you are Late,5 more mins Mumma , d bus can wait;Beta u will miss d bus and have to rush,Mumma wheres d toothpaste, wheres the... Read more

    Posted on 11 May 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Hinglish Poetry

    Hinglish Poetry

    WASSUP YAARHey Dude :), Kaise ho??Bas Thik Thak! what about you Bro??Fuck'd Yaar ,got a supli in maths again :( Yeh Saali xams they r such a pain :-/Jane dey... Read more

    Posted on 22 April 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Some Powerful Useful Stuff

    Some Powerful Useful Stuff

    SOME REALLY USEFUL COOL TOOL FOR NETIZENSI have often wondered how did those guys in youtube managed to post such "video tutorials" where in they are able to... Read more

    Posted on 05 April 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Beep You ,you Beep Hole

    Beep ,you Hole

    SYour false promise , your equivocal speech ,Sucking our money like avaricious leech;Your stupid Policy and Your Vile polity,The electorate guilty for showing... Read more

    Posted on 22 March 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Infographic


    We humans like pictorial representation of anything starting from the diagrammatic representation of complex chemical equations or biological structures to... Read more

    Posted on 17 March 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • I Am What i Am


    My hairs don't flaunts funky spikes,My fb status updates don’t get much likes;I am dumb in studies and don’t get marks hi-fi ,I have cell ordinary , that doesn’... Read more

    Posted on 10 March 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Dreams


    To own a Ferrari and marry the love of my life....To spread smile by serving man,in their times of strife;To build the tallest skyscraper or stadium colossal.... Read more

    Posted on 28 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • THE RACE (55 Fiction)

    RACE Fiction)

    THE RACEThis is my first 55 fiction post , am no good in writing stories , yet let me give it a shot , here it goes :) :)"They were both hungry . They were... Read more

    Posted on 25 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Rape


    R.A.P.E (Rising Against Public Enemy)You are , whatyou think you are,WEAK ORSTRONG;Choice isyours to be meek or to rise up Against the WRONG;Today she isthe... Read more

    Posted on 17 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • My Valentine


    KISS Laugh at those little things, with all your heart, Be it a silly prank or be it just a stupid fart;Drench yourself completely in that October rain,Just... Read more

    Posted on 13 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Mistakes


    To Err is human and also the path to enlightenment,Making you wiser, leading to bigger fulfillment ;Suffering only purify my soul ignorant,Making me mature ,... Read more

    Posted on 09 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Evil and Good

    Evil Good

    EVILAND GOOD : TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COINVicious in my nature ,scary and ugly in my looks,Omnipotent and ubiquitous ,I am the guardian of the crooks;Invincible... Read more

    Posted on 03 February 2012 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Weird Comparision

    Weird Comparision

    APPLICATIONS VS APPLETSA Mother in the morning wakes her baby up, prepare hisbreakfast , gets him ready for his school. Cooks the lunch and does the... Read more

    Posted on 28 January 2012 SELF EXPRESSION