I love writing, particularly about subjects which are close to my heart, including arts and crafts, pets, green issues, jewelry, fitness.... I hope you enjoy my musings and if you do you may want to check out some of my blogs.



  • Woodmor's World

    Woodmor’s is a community based shopping, information and community website for Baby Boomers. It’s a place where you can interact to learn and share, find help and services, and shop til you drop…all in one place! We’re adding great new products, vendors and merchants everyday so bookmark us and come back to see us often.

  • Greener Living Today

    Greener Living Today aims to bring you the best in eco-friendly low cost living.

    We feature a range of green issues from ethical beauty to recycling, from alternative forms of energy to organic gardening and from green shopping to eco-friendly holidays and occasions. Our aim is to help you live a green life at a cost that is not going to break the bank but that is actually going to save you money. Take a look today and see how you can help save the earth, whilst saving your wallet.

  • Midnight Eden

    Midnight Eden brings together the best in mind, body, spirit and a few little luxuries for good measure.

  • Pet Hooligans

    This site came into existence due to the influence of my house-rabbit Tilly. Now we all love our pets, but sometimes they can be just a little bit naughty…or shall I say like little hooligans.

    Tilly is only young and loves nothing better than to investigate every corner and to chew everything that she can get her mouth around. Still, all that aside, she still brings a lot of love and laughter into my life and in the few short months that she has been with us she has truly become one of the family.

    So for everyone and their own Tilly’s, be that cat, dog, bird, hamster, turtle, horse…….this site is for you and yours. Enjoy!