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US, France, and UK Attacking Syria After Faking False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack as a Pretext: Another War for the Jews

Posted on the 14 April 2018 by Calvinthedog

Just before the OPCW inspectors were due to arrive this weekend to review the evidence for the fake false flag chemical weapons attack, this maniac lunatic Trump attacks Syria, along with pathetic poodle UK and Zionist poodle Macron in France.

There have been 40 minutes of cruise missile launches, first from the east, and then more from the West off the coast of Lebanon. Syria is trying to shoot them down, and they have shot down a number of them. Attacks are avoiding areas where there are Russians, but there were a number of attacks right in Damascus. A fleet of Russian warplanes just took off from Latakia towards Damascus. I am not aware that Russia shot down any missiles or has attacked any US-allied ships.

This all about Israel.

It’s another War for the Jews.

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