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Urban Jungle Bloggers | My Plant Shelfie

By Myparadissi @myparadissi
My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers
Here's a post I've been meaning to write quite some time now. Actually, since I first found out about the Urban Jungle Bloggers I wanted to be part of the team. Have you heard them? Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of Joelix have created an online platform for bloggers to share their love on plants and all sorts of interior greenery.
My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers
My cup of tea precisely! As I've mentioned before, living in a ground floor apartment in the center of the city and with no outdoor space, has left me craving for nature more than I could have ever imagined. I try my best to keep my window sills flooded with plants but that won't be anywhere close to satisfy my thirst for those invigorating green creatures. 
My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers
Now, with my living room redo, I created a specific spot to bring together some more of my lovelies with the help of two white IKEA lack shelves. And, since its only a couple of weeks that I completed the project feels like I'm quite on time for an Urban Jungle Bloggers shelfie. Love how this wall now feels fresh and vibrant. The plants I've picked seek for very little care and attention but create a big impact on the white background. I also have this snake plant I kept in a vase (with just water) for more than 3 years (!). I don't know how it manages to survive for so long without any soil but I'm so glad it does ;). In the photo below, I've placed it inside a leather bag as I've recently (read: this morning) managed to break the vase. As it seems, I'm quite satisfied with its new container I'm thinking of just leaving it this way. 
My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers
Hop over to the UJB blog to see some more amazing shelfies and don't forget you can follow the trend under the #urbanjunglebloggers hashtag. My plant shelfie | My Paradissi #urbanjunglebloggers
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