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Upstate New York Gun Shop Was Easy Pickin's for Burglars

Posted on the 27 November 2012 by Mikeb302000
Upstate New York Gun Shop was Easy Pickin's for Burglars Local news reports
Authorities say thieves broke into Tom's Guns and Ammo is Sodus overnight Friday.

Store owner Tom Putnam says the burglary was bad enough to potentially put him out of business. Putnam has been selling guns at his Sodus store for 20 years.

"They gained entry, which took them a little time, and probably in and out of here in less than five minutes," said Putnam.
He says thieves broke in through a side window and stole 62 handguns, cleaning out three display cases in his store.
Gun shops with inadequate security on the windows and doors should be held responsible for this kind of thing. Just like individual gun owners, gun shops need to practice safe storage and that means making it a bit more difficult for thieves to take the stuff.
Why is this such as difficult concept for the gun-rights crowd?
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