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Updates on the Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (from Ravelry)

By Nancymccarroll
Sharing updates from the Anglophile tea party group on Ravelry...
Queenie, complete with this avatar she has on her informational page, said
Updates on the Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (from Ravelry)
As you can guess by my user name, I think I am royalty. I have always said that I just need the birth certificate to prove it. That said I have backed out of a girls weekend, and tickets to the opening night of the Joffrey so I can devote the entire day to my pretend world. Years ago my DH bought me a tiara with genuine cut glass “diamonds” so that will be atop my head all day long. I am a sad sad sad individual
And Auntsugar adds:
While I wish I could come to your tea party I suspect I will hostess one of my own with the neighbors across the road. I will also be making pastry cups for the curds I preserved last summer,both made with the luscious very dark large egg yolks from her mothers chicken eggs, and the fresh, huge raspberries off their bushes! This is an Easter treat for her whole family. I wonder if the weekend figured in the bride and grooms decision to marry that weekend? The commute for me would be too long even in the virtual world. So do enjoy and savor you lovely scones and creme.
I added:
Yesterday I cruised over to WalMart for the weekly haul, strolled through the kids’ toy section, spotted a rhinestone tiara, thought hard about it, but then walked on by.
Updates on the Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (from Ravelry)I am still thinking I should go back and get that tiara and wear it at breakfast.
Cristi adds:
I’ll be watching the wedding in real time.. since I live in England.  I’ve been getting wedding “fever”.. I’ve just finished watching the William and Kate special on BBC1. I’ve got all my wedding kit. :) and the day off.. because the day has been made a bank holiday.. yay!!
I took this picture in Sainsburys the other day.. yes I’m a saddo.. but I bought a bit of everything.
Updates on the Tea Party for the Royal Wedding (from Ravelry)
Looking forward to Friday..
Our Colorado/English breakfast menu is still being discussed.

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