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Updated Thoughts On The Tony Stewart/ Kevin Ward Jr Incident From This Weekend

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
August 12, 2014


I wanted to take enough time to figure this thing out.  First off, thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin Ward Jr.’s family.  Terrible thing to happen to such a young kid.  But with that being said, having talked to people who have raced and read just about everything I can get my hands on, I can’t blame Tony Stewart at this time.  There’s just too many variables in that situation say Stewart intentionally hit and killed Kevin Ward.  Until Stewart comes out and says so, or a video has him saying such things, we have to assume that this was just an unintentional accident.

Folks who are racing fans say if you’re not rubbing you’re not racing.  Maybe Stewart went too far, but Ward absolutely shouldn’t have gotten out of his vehicle and raced to the middle of the track to confront Stewart, who was still in his car and moving quickly around the track.  Furthermore, that’s a dark track and Ward was in a dark suit and Ward continues to move toward Stewart’s vehicle as Tony approaches.  It’s a terrible situation, but one that could have been avoided.  I get that Ward was spun out but it wasn’t as if his vehicle was totaled and he probably would have been able to continue racing.

For those in the media who have already crucified Stewart, they need to relax.  Let’s see what the investigation reveals and hopefully we can have real answers for all parties involved.

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