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Updated February 25: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abbie Williams

Posted on the 26 February 2017 by Calvinthedog

Sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

I like to do “sleuthing” in my part time. Although it’s gruesome, playing detective is a bit of a hobby of mine, and it is engrossing in some odd say.

This is an update of the case as of February 25, 2017.

How Do I Know All This Stuff?

First: How do I know all this stuff?

I sometimes  get involved in websleuthing. I don’t do it all the time, but I’ve been doing this for years. I have also worked in real life with detectives attempting to solve an attempted homicide of a policeman in New Jersey in the 1960’s or 1970’s. I worked with detectives from California and New Jersey on that case. I had a good POI and they were very interested in this case. I was very impressed with all three detectives in the case.

I am very interested in this sort of thing and I have researched heavily a few cases. I have never caught anyone yet though. I wish I had. I am particularly interested in serial killings involving rape of women and molestation of girls. Basically rapist-murderers or child killers. Almost all such cases are sexually molested. Repeat child killers are almost always sexually motivated. We are dealing with a sadistic pedophile here. In the case of women, we are almost always dealing with a sexual sadist. In almost all such cases, we are dealing with sociopaths or psychopaths, probably the latter. I’m not really interested in sleuthing out any other sort of cases, sorry.

I have studied serial killers for many years and I know a lot about them. My counseling practice deals almost exclusively with OCD work deals a lot with people who are consumed by thoughts of child molesting, violence against others or homicide. However, in almost all such cases, these people are completely harmless. It’s hard to explain but if you research the illness, you will understand. Anyway, I have to do differential diagnosis to determine pedophilia vs. no pedophilia and dangerous person versus non-dangerous person.

Rarely, I have had clients who were sociopaths or pedophiles, and I did work a bit with them. The differential diagnosis of OCD versus pedophilia and OCD versus sociopathy/psychopathy is straightforward. As part of this work, I had to do a lot of research on violent people, especially murderers and particularly serial killers. I have also done a lot of research into psychopathy and sexual sadism. I have also had to do a lot of research into pedophilia which even including studying the pedophile and hebephile websites where these people post in order to determine how they think.

This sites are on the Open Internet and really there is no real child pornography on these sites. In terms of images, it is mostly gray area stuff like clothed posed models and cartoon child pornography. Also both of these types of images are disturbing, at least to me, they are generally legal. Two men have been convicted of mass distribution of clothed child models, but that case was extremely controversial because clothed posed models were not known to be illegal at the time and the state had to make a new case that this material was illegal.

Many of the now grown girl models have come to these men’s defense. Both men had researched the law carefully and felt they were operating within the law as clothed posed models were legal at the time. They were legal at the time. They were legal until the decided that they were illegal, which is messed up. You can’t break a law that you don’t know exists. Vague laws are unconstitutional. Laws must be written so it is pretty clear to people what is legal and what is illegal. Therefore, citizens who wish to obey the law can know what the limits of the law are. If we don’t know what’s legal and what’s illegal, how can we operate in society. If everything is legal until the state arbitrarily and without passing a law decides something is illegal, this is not democratic, and you’re not living in a free country. That is totalitarianism.

Cartoon child pornography is gray area legal, although I admit it is disturbing to look at. The only cases tried so far are for the artists who draw this material. Obviously, all of these artists are pedophiles. However, some are married with highly supportive wives. There have been a number of attempts to try men for drawing cartoon child pornography, but almost all have been stricken down by courts who have decided that this material is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment freedom of expression. I believe in one case, a artist was convicted for drawing this material. However, this case has been quite controversial. A big market with this material has sprung up in Japan. I believe it is called Loli or Manga.

It is a mistake to think that everyone on those boards is a pedophile or hebephile. Pedophile boards often consist of about 1/2 pedophiles and 1/2 pedophile-haters who abuse and threaten the pedophiles. So at least half of the people on those boards are not even pedophiles. They are the opposite.

As a result, I understand these people pretty well.

I have done a lot of research on this case including released information, rumors and  borderline areas such as cryptic statements by LE. I have also spoken to people close to the case, including those close to the search party and law enforcement investigation of this case. I also spoken to other sleuthers and people interested in the case. Some were associated with missing persons groups. I also have pretty good sleuthing skills involving research. This includes digging through background information databases online and other sorts of web research.

This is the source of some of my material.

I also worked a bit with Indiana State Police and the FBI, sharing my POI’s with them. However, they did not reveal much information to me other than some cleared suspects. Other information is derived from my own theorizing about the case. This includes offender profiling, which in my case tends to be based on actual POI(s). And I believe I have some mild psi skills.

So there’s the source of all of the information.

My Musings on This Case

The girls were obviously tied up, I believe with a rope. But it is not proven that rope was used. There is a rumor that LE retained some rope with DNA. There is no evidence at the moment that this is true, but it is possible.

Initial reports said the girls were found in a cabin or shack. Rumors came from family members and were the first reports about the case. These are false rumors. The girls were found in open forest.

I believe that Libby was killed on 2-13, possibly pretty quickly, and Abby died or 2-14. The published obits state those dates. There is a rumor that the families chose those dates as death dates, but that would apply only to funerals, not obits. Obit info would come straight from coroner report. Therefore, the coroner report had to state different death dates. There is a rumor that Abbie survived the initial attack but died later on of hypothermia and that her body was still warm when found. This rumor appears to be correct, and along with the different dates on the obits, adds weight to the theory that they died on different days.

When the search was going on, both phones were dead.

This was probably not a crime of opportunity. He probably planned this very well. He plans his crimes with the utmost meticulousness. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself.

I have reason to believe that these girls were catfished, possibly via Libby’s Instagram page. That is, the girls thought they were going there to meet a teenage boy, but instead they met the girl. The killer would have pretended to be a teenage boy in  order to lure the girls. There is no hard evidence for this, but there is some suggestive evidence via cryptic LE statements and friends of Libby’s speaking about activity on her Instagram account.

I believe that Unsub has white hair and is balding. His hair used to be long and blond – stringy long blond hair. He has had a goatee and mustache in recent years, but lately he has shaved most of it off except for a mustache and bit of a goatee. He is wearing a hat, a jacket and blue jeans in the photo. Unsub is overdressed for the weather, but February in Indiana is pretty cold. He seems to have layers of clothing on. He also has a fanny pack. This is probably where he kept his murder kit.

In my opinion, Unsub is approximately 5’8-5’10, ~160 pounds with a bit of a middle aged man’s stomach paunch.

Clearly he Unsub has a pistol, .45 or 911. The pistol was holstered to his right side, which means he is lefthanded. The outline of the pistol can clearly be seen in the photo released of the man. A photo exists showing the pistol outlined with graphic software. Assuming that is a pistol, and it is, then Unsub is lefthanded. Well, he is either lefthanded or pretending to be lefthanded. Pretending to be lefthanded makes no sense in a case like this as it would be hard to draw with his right and clumsy with his left, resulting in possible dropping or fumbling with the weapon. Therefore, Unsub is lefthanded.

In the drawing of Unsub based on his photo, he is looking downwards. He is doing this to disguise himself, but I think this is how he looks most of the time. He tends to look downward instead of looking people straight in the eye. This could give the impression of “looking down at others.” This is probably intentional as I feel that Unsub does indeed “look down on others.” He thinks very highly of himself, is narcissistic and thinks he is better than others. He also thinks he can outsmart police, and I believe he has been doing just that for the last four years when he has been getting away with murder.

Unsub is absolutely a pedophile, a heterosexual pedophile. He likes little girls from age 2-12, mostly around age 6-10. However, 13 and 14 year old girls are not too far out of his AOA. Many pedophiles are also hebephilic, and it’s common for pedophilic AOA’s to include girls age 13-15 because these girls still have enough of a childlike quality to attract the pedophile. By age 16, most girls are simply too grown up for almost all pedophiles. On pedophile forums, when people try to post 16-18 year old girls, this causes much uproar and cries of, “Oh gross! No grandmas! Ew! No old ladies! Take that down, it’s disgusting!” I find this rather humorous. It’s hard to imagine grown men calling a 16 year old girl a “grandma” due to her “old age” making her look like a grandmother.

Unsub is a fixated pedophile and has been so since age 14 at the latest. His pedophilia is one of the major  themes of his life. I do not believe he has been controlling his pedophilia and I think he has been molesting girls for quite some time. He may have gotten quite good at it. I believe that many people do not realize that he is a pedophile. He is still close to some members of his family and their friends. They probably do not suspect him of being a pedophile.

Unsub is married and has children. However, I think the marriage has ended and he is now divorced. Relations with the ex-wife are not good. His wife suspects him of being  a pedophile and has a low opinion of him. She has tried to turn him in to LE but that hasn’t gone anywhere. She even accuses him of being a pedophile. She has also accused him of molesting specific girls, but that hasn’t gone anywhere either. If asked about this, Unsub probably says she is making this up as a bitter ex-wife. I believe his children may also suspect Unsub of being a pedophile.

He has at least two children with whom he shares joint custody with his wife. I am unsure of how good his relationship is with his children. The children are minors. I am unsure of their age and gender.

Unsub is clearly trying to disguise himself in the photos. He is using a hat and a scarf in front of his face to do this. As stated by LE. The hat is a camouflage hunting cap with padded ear muffs.

Talk of backpacks and duffel bags makes no sense to me. I do not believe that Unsub had a backpack or a duffel bag, but perhaps he did. At any rate, there was a man dressed in all black seen at the time also. This man definitely had a backpack. I believe that this man participated in the murders with Unsub. In other words, there were two killers.

There is a rumor that Abbie was barely alive when found and died on the way to the hospital. Rumor came straight from family members. This is probably a false rumor, but it is somewhat close to the truth. Another rumor says she was dead, but the body was still warm. This rumor is much better and appears to be closer to the truth.

In published UK media, grandfather who raised her made an odd statement, “I know Libby. She put up one Hell of a fight.” The grandfather has been cleared. However, he is correct that Libby put up a strong battle. The reason that the grandfather said she put up a wild fight is probably because that is what it says in the medical report. If she fought hard, there will be talk of defensive wounds and maybe DNA under her nails. The condition of her body at the funeral adds weight to the notion that she fought back very hard and sustained many  defensive wounds. In that case, Unsub may have scratch marks.

I do not believe that LE has any particular POI at this moment. They are far away from solving this case.

The first thing they did was to go around questioning people who were being talked about as possible suspects. They have already cleared a number of people this way. They are also going around to all of the local RSO’s and questioning them. They wanted them to come talk about the case. While there, they searched their phones and asked them to submit DNA. They are clearing at least some of the RSO’s this way.

The raid was on the property of the Jim Maxwell who lives on Bicycle Road. He is completely innocent and cleared. This poor guy had nothing to do with it.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet, maybe with the gun. However, I believe the gun was used to kill the girls. It would have made too much noise. Rumors that this was not a gun crime are correct.

Early rumors stated that both girls had their throats slit. This rumor appears to be correct. I believe that the crime scene was a bloody and ugly mess, a real horrorshow. Funerals were open casket, and witnesses stated that both girls had scarves covering their necks, more to cover something up than as clothing. This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit. Libby also had small wounds in many places on her body, and her face had been somewhat injured. This is because she fought back against him very hard.

This is obviously a sexually motivated offense. Initial reports said both girls were raped. There is no evidence that this is true, but in my opinion, Abbie was definitely raped. Whether Libby got raped is not known, and there are problems with the theory. There is a rumor that Abbie was found nude and Libby was found fully clothed. This rumor is probably correct. It is difficult to reconcile Libby being raped with her being found fully clothed. One theory is that he kept Abbie alive overnight to use her. This theory is correct. There is no evidence of physical torture in this case.

I believe both girls were heterosexual. I believe were quite sexually inexperienced. However, as both had passed sexarche, they were interested in boys and were full sexual human beings with all of the feelings and desires that go along with that. This is why it makes sense that they were there to meet a boy their age.

These girls were not completely innocent little girl-children like elementary school girls. They were worldly teenage girls. Even young teenage girls grow up very fast nowadays with porn and early sexualization, and people need to get used to teenage minors as being sexual beings with free and full legal sexual agency among peers.

Unsub is aged 50-60 based on his photos, voice and other things. Roundabout let’s call it ~55.

I believe Unsub was involved in the Evansdale, Iowa double homicide of two girls aged 8-10. They also disappeared in the woods in a park named after five bridges, which are all in the park. There may be railroad bridges there also. They were also found by a stream as in this case. He body dumps near streams. Here are the commonalities between the two cases:

  • Bridges, especially railroad bridges.
  • Bodies of water, especially streams.
  • Small regional parks with the above in them.
  • Young girls aged 8-14.
  • Pairs of girls.
  • Attacks occur on the 13th of the month, perhaps because 13 is an unlucky number. So it’s the “unlucky day” for the girls who his victims. He thinks this is funny as he has a sick sense of humor.
  • Same general region of Iowa and Indiana, about 350 miles east to west.
  • Body dumps near streams
  • Probable rape or sexual abuse in both case. Present at Delphi, probable at Evanston.

If the Evansdale killer also did the Delphi killings, he probably traveled some distance. The killer lives in either Evansdale, Delphi or somewhere in between. I believe he lives somewhere in between.

Jim Logan, the property owner where the girls were found, was in Lafayette, Indiana on 2-13, and Unsub may have known he would not be there. How he knew this, I have no idea.

He’s going to lay low for a while. He won’t do any similar crimes in the near future. He’s not that stupid.

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By Harley Crosby
posted on 06 March at 05:05

You clearly have no idea what your talking about. First the grandfather that stated Libby put up a fight is NOT the grandfather that raised her. Secondly, you can't claim rumors as being fact or fiction. You are not the LE, you are not a member of the family, and you was not a volunteer the day those girls were found. Until LE makes a statement and says whats fact and what's not, you nor anyone but family will know what actually happened to those 2 innocent girls. I also would like to add, if you "helped" LE in New Jersey with a case, wouldn't you remember if it was in the 60's or 70's? You claim you know so much, but yet can't remember a time frame? Your full of shit, and I believe your also a pedophile, your disgusting, I will be reporting this. You shouldn't know this information your claiming to be fact unless you are the killer.