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Update to Colorado Mass Shooting: Gunman Wore Gas Mask

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Mikeb302000
I'm not all that surprised a mass shooter would wear a gas mask.  Part of the fetish relationship between gun nuts and their weapons is the degree to which the weapons and their accessories have a strong emotional connection to their adherents.  They get excitement, an emotional reaction from them, that ordinary equipment or items do not provide.  It is part of a larger fantasy experience with gun nuts, part of a whole video-game/violent movie atmosphere heroics; they need the whole costume for the power rush.  It seems similar to the kick that people get from the props for kinky sex.  Watch a gun nut talking about their firearms sometime; look carefully at their affect for the emotions connected with firearms and related items.  There are distinctive emotional changes that take place.
After becoming a focus for ridicule for his Dark Knight /Bain/Bane conspiracy theories........I wonder if Rush Limbaugh, or maybe the NRA is going to try to make up another silly liberal conspiracy theory out of this shooting at the movie, another bogus claim that this was done as a justification for Obama coming for their guns?  Because Limp-bo and the NRA ARE that sick and twisted, althoguh it's hard to tell if it's from organic paranoia brought on by their politics deforming their amygdalas, or maybe just lead toxicity (or both).
from the STrib:

1 suspect arrested in Denver area mass shooting involving gunman who wore gas mask

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: July 20, 2012 - 6:26 AMAURORA, Colo. - A police spokesman says the gas mask-wearing suspect arrested in connection with a mass shooting in the Denver suburb of Aurora is a man in his early 20s.Aurora police spokesman Frank Fania told ABC's "Good Morning America" that investigators don't believe anyone else was involved.
    Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates says witnesses reported the person released some type of a canister, then they heard a hissing sound and saw a gas — and then the gunman started shooting.
    Officers found the suspect near a car behind the theater and also located a gas mask, rifle, handgun and at least another weapon.
    The suspect's name hasn't been released and police haven't indicated if there was a motive.

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