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Update on Global Affairs: How is Russia Attempting to Manage Its Relations with Its Wider Neighborhood?

Posted on the 09 November 2013 by Callumgg @callumgg

Every week, ISN Zurich, takes on a different topic/question. This week is about Russia and its ‘wider neighbourhood’,with a dossier from ISN Zurich available[1] , and articles on:

  • EU-Russia relations[2]
  • The South Caucasus[3]
  • Russia’s role in C. Asia[4]
  • Russia and the Arab Spring[5]
  • Russian Arctic interests[6]

Russia’s contrasting relationship with its near (former-Soviet states, bordering countries) and far (other states) abroad is a common theme in Russian foreign policy. As is the relationship between East and West, dating right back to the Tsars; the two-headed eagle (a symbol of Russia) is often said to symbolise this feeling. ISN says:

If Russia’s relations with its ‘near abroad’ have created a set of distinct policies, then what about its ‘wider neighborhood’? Well, it appears that Moscow is now more interested in 1) deepening its ties with Central Asia rather than Europe, and 2) restoring its influence in the Middle East to Soviet-era levels. Since the latter goal will probably fail, perhaps Russia might have more success if it tries to boost its influence closer to home, particularly in the South Caucasus and the Arctic region.

Other articles on this theme from the past week (will update if I have time):

  • Russia’s Foreign Policy Is Nearing Complete Failure[7]
  • A look back on the ‘bromance’ between President Bush and Putin[8]
  • Chatham House on Russia & Eurasia[9]

Also this week:

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