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Update: Dividend Stock Picks for the Week of 4/8/13 to 4/12/13

Posted on the 13 April 2013 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan

Welcome back to Dividend Stock Investing for the Common Man! Thank you stopping by and supporting the idea of investing in dividend paying stocks for the long term. I hope everyone had a great week!

Update: Dividend Stock Picks for the Week of 4/8/13 to 4/12/13 I wanted to recap last week's picks for you since it is important to review all investments on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It was a 18 for 20 week.90% of my picks increased in value. It was a nice week to invest in dividend paying stocks for both the NYSE and NASDAQ. Most of my stock picks increased in value. Now would be a good time to pick up these Dividend Aristocrats! Continue to pick up multiple shares these proven winners on any pull backs and hold for long haul. I am a long term bull!

See below for more details... as well as some wonderful YouTube videos pertaining to 
Icahn Enterprises LP(NASDAQ:IEP, which rose $11.76 in share price this past week. This week on Dividend Stock Investing for the Common Man, Icahn Enterprises LP was featured as the "Stock Pick of the Week". It flew high just as I expected. Would I ever let you down? IEP is a consistent investment which will provide great returns in the future. Check out the IEP videos below. Also, check out the books below. Very interesting reads!

DSIFTCM is NOT affiliated with any of these companies. I am not a professional stock picker and am only providing my personal opinions of some of the greatest dividend paying companies!

It is not how many times you win short term, but rather which investments can provide you with a steady income stream over the long term. When investing in dividend paying stocks you are protecting yourself from stock market volatility. If the market goes down one quarter, the dividend payment will help recoup the losses. Let these companies work hard so they can maintain their dividend and increase it year over year. As a shareholder, it is like receiving a raise each year. Reinvest your dividends to maximize your profits!

Keep investing as much as you can on a daily or weekly basis. Perform your due diligence and invest in companies that you feel comfortable with. Do not risk your hard earned dollars by investing in unknown, unreliable companies.

Always remember, YOU are in charge of your financial life. Do not let anyone tell you how to spend your money. We all have the knowledge and smarts inside of us. Make smart investments! Until next time friends, Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter and feel free to comment below. What are some of your favorite dividend paying stocks?

Company Name/Stock Ticker
Current Dividend Yield/Share Price as of 4/7/13 Current Dividend Yield/Share Price as of 4/13/13

The Coca-Cola Company(NYSE:KO)

2.79% $40.08
2.73% $41.08

Unilever plc (ADR)(NYSE:UL)

2.99% $41.92
2.91% $43.00

Emerson Electric Co.(NYSE:EMR)

2.94% $55.73
2.94% $55.83

Eli Lilly & Co.(NYSE:LLY)

3.47% $56.48
3.41% $57.51

McDonald's Corporation(NYSE:MCD)

3.04% $101.42
2.97% $103.59

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT)

3.21% $28.70
3.20% $28.79


4.07% $24.60
4.01% $24.93

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.(NYSE:WWE)

5.47% $8.77
5.27% $9.10

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation(NYSE:PNW)

3.75% $58.12
3.66% $59.49

Icahn Enterprises LP(NASDAQ:IEP)

7.20% $55.52
5.95% $67.28


6.38% $19.12
6.24% $19.55

Duke Realty Corp(NYSE:DRE)

3.94% $17.24
3.84% $17.73

Triangle Capital Corporation(NYSE:TCAP)

7.83% $27.60
7.94% $27.19
Realty Income Corp(NYSE:O)
4.72% $46.03
4.56% $47.73


1.10% $65.33
1.07% $67.14

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.(NYSE:WMT)

2.46% $76.39
2.39% $78.56

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.(NYSE:RCL)

1.49$ $32.28
1.44% $33.28

The Walt Disney Company(NYSE:DIS)

1.30% $57.70
1.24% $60.55

American Capital Agency Corp.(NASDAQ:AGNC)
15.25% $32.79
15.31% $32.65

Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF(NYSEARCA:VIG)
2.18% $65.33
2.14% $66.59
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