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Unique Motivators For Your New Year Resolution On Fitness

By Evette Garside @evette77

Unique Motivators For Your New Year Resolution On FitnessUnique Motivators For Your New Year Resolution On Fitness

Very soon it will be time to jot down your New Year Resolutions. Each new year we get the chance to vow and become a better version of ourselves, majorly including things such as 'I will join the gym and get fit this year'. Most of the people who try to keep these New Year resolutions end up dropping out of the gym within the span of two months. It is pretty hard to dedicate time every single day to keep up with your fitness routine and your diet. To avoid breaking yet another resolution you should use these creative motivators to keep you on top of your fitness goals this year:

Use the buddy system

A lot of studies have shown that it is beneficial to have a partner or buddy system in place in order to help you accomplish your goals. Making it a fun activity with a friend, having someone to keep you accountable, and having pacts together to get fit can help you reach the gym every day with a smile. You will be less likely to skip going to the gym if someone else is waiting to go with you. Better yet, having a buddy system brings out the friendly competition and motivates you to work harder. You have someone to share your success in this way.

Workout gear

It may sound shallow to some people, but dressing up smartly for working out provides great motivation for showing up every day. We dress up for occasions that we look forward too, so if we do the same for working out, our brain starts perceiving the occasion as a happy one. Certain sports and 'athleisure' brands such as Fabletics offer a wide range of workout gear, including clothes, shoes and other accessories. Research on athleisure proves that this provides a boost to your ambition and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Change your lifestyle

Getting fit isn't only about making it to the gym every day and coming home and gorging on junk food. Fitness is a lifestyle that is adopted and celebrated by many. Adopting small habits in order to change your lifestyle, in the long run, doesn't have to be forced. It can be done gradually until it becomes a way of life. Cut out junk food gradually from your diet. If you are not able to leave it altogether, try cutting out carbonated drinks first, then fried foods two weeks after that, etc. Try to nurture your body with nourishment rather than punishing it for being unfit.


SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound goals. If your fitness goals are strategized according to this, you are more likely to attain them. A lot of people put unrealistic goals and get discouraged easily when they are not able to attain them. Set goals like 'I will work out at least 45 minutes five days a week' rather than goals such as 'I will get six-pack abs within five months.'

It is quite easy to get discouraged on the path of fitness. Follow these steps to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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