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UDRP Round Up:; Viagra.Ninja; Minnesota.Life; Landshark.Beer;

Posted on the 18 December 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

A few UDRP/URS case caught my eye over the last day or so.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG the makers of Valium filed a UDRP on

Doesn’t everyone?

The domain name was just registered back in June

Pfizer Inc just won two separate UDRP on the domain names and Viagra.Ninja

Now that those are great domains.

The .com was registered a year ago, however I have no idea of how Pfizer which has a market cap of almost $200 Billion failed to register Viagra.Ninja, a domain they could have picked up in Sunrise for a couple of hundred dollars.

and use it.

Pfizer if you can’t figure out how to use Viagra.Ninja and the matching .com to make one of the best viral ad campaigns of all time, give me a call.

The Chinese company known as the YouTube of China Youku was handed over the domain name by a UDRP panel as a typo.

Minnesota Life Insurance filed a UDRP on the new gTLD Minnesota.Life smart they didn’t file it as a URS would have been a definite loser.

Of course the company might consider just registering which is available for $60 as of publication or they can just wait for someone else to register it and then spend $500 or so to get the domain back in a URS or $1,500 in a UDRP.

After just 4 year Sony filed a UDRP on the domain

Someone made a lot of money on that domain in 4 years.

Landshark which is a company that just makes beer, filed a UDRP on Landshark.Beer


Another $1,500 plus legal fee investment to acquire something they could have done months ago for $200 or Less.

Since I wrote my story on the number of UDRP/URS cases filed on new gTLD’s as opposed to all other extension two days ago, on December 16th there are 14 more new gTLD UDRP/URS cases that have been filed or decided which is out of the last 100 cases in the last two days decided or filed.

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