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Types of Food Preservation Processes to Maintain Food Nutrition Level

By Sandikar

Food PreservationMost food items such as vegetables and fruits are perishable in nature. Apart from that there are many other factors which are responsible for this. Delay in distribution of the food items due to lack of proper transport facility. Lack of packing is another important factor that leads to the growth of microorganism which deteriorates the food quality. Often surplus food items are stored for sale in off-season which damages the food quality. Fruits and vegetables are the main constituents of our diet and are the main supplement of essential minerals, vitamins and fibers. This problem can be solved in two ways which are as follows

1. By creating proper cold storage to retain the quality and freshness of the food
2. Another way is to process the food items

There are different scientific and technical skills that are necessary at different stages of the food cultivation. Some of the food preservation processes are as follows.

Different Food Preservation Processes
• Oxidation
• Dehydration
• Toxic Inhibition
• Dehydration
• Osmotic Inhibition
• Low temperature Inactivation
• Heating to kill or denature micro –organisms etc

The main aspect of food preservation is to retain the nutrition value of the food long with its texture and flavor. The above mentioned processes should be followed properly to successfully carry out such functions.

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