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Tyler Perry: “Use The Gifts God Gave You To Spread Hope, Love & Joy”

By Firstladyb

Tyler Perry took to social media to encourage us all to use our God given gifts to spread love, hope, and joy as we enter into the New Year.  The producer, shared that we all have gifts that God has given us, that are tucked away and hidden, gifts that can not only change our life, but the world.

Tyler Perry
‘I couldn’t help but to think about all of us who have gifts inside of us that are tucked away and hidden. Gifts that we have never used, gifts that have been given by God, gifts that are special, gifts that can not only change your life but the world,” Perry wrote on Facebook.

“Yet we leave them hidden, tucked away in the corners of our souls. As you leave 2016 and enter into 2017, why not commit to searching your soul for all of your gifts, even the hidden ones, and begin to use them, no matter what people say, no matter who judges you for it and no matter what people think?”

Perry continued,

“Use the gifts that God has given you to help spread some hope and love and joy to this world. Boy, do we need it,” he wrote before extending well wishes to fans for the Christmas holiday. “Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for an amazing 2016.”

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