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Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

A year ago, we met Tyler Joe Miller in Toronto at a small introduction of the BC singer by MDM Recordings. We watched and listened as he sang a few songs, showed off his singing and writing, and spoke to us at the CCMA offices. Fast forward to now, and Miller is getting ready to release his debut single to Canadian country radio, and introduce himself to a much wider audience.

Pillow Talkin' is scheduled to hit radio on Christmas Day 2019 as the featured release from MDM. It's an extra way for Miller to celebrate the holiday, and for his entire team to recognize the next step in his young career.

Note: On that same trip to Toronto, Tyler Joe Miller opened for Jess Moskaluke's Christmas concert with a short acoustic set that was well received by the audience at the Harbourfront Centre. We're sure that some of the people in the crowd that night will be telling their friends that they saw him then when his music starts to pick up steam on the radio.

The Langley, BC native has been working on his craft for years in bars and clubs. And now he's getting a chance to put himself at the front of the stage, in the bright light, and be the guy. He's excited. His team is excited. And we've seen him and heard him and can tell you that he's got the goods to get your attention.

Thanks to Tyler Joe Miller for taking the time to catch up with us for a Q&A and a round of 5 Quick Questions. Check them out now and be ready for Pillow Talkin' at country radio on Christmas Day.

Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

Tyler Joe Miller Q&A

Q. We had the chance to see you last fall in Toronto in a small group of people, how has the last year been for you as you get ready to release new music with MDM?

TJM. This last year has been a bit of a wild ride and feels like it's flown by! I wasn't expecting any of this to be happening so it feels a bit surreal to be releasing my own music pretty soon but I'm definitely excited for what's to come and ready to get goin'.

Q. You were recently recognized with the Ray Mcauley Horizon Award from the BC Country Music Association, what was that night like, and how did it feel to win that award?

TJM. I'm still not exactly sure how that came about yet but I ain't complaining! The night of the BCCMA's was a really a great experience and so cool to see so many friends win well-deserved awards. I'm grateful that I got to be among them without even putting a song out yet which I feel shows the true support of the country community.

Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

Q. Giving back to the community and to those in need is a big part of who you are, how do you see your music as a chance to continue that effort?

TJM. I think the country community has a heart that beats for bringing people together through music and stories. I would like to see my music, and the platform that it builds, open up conversations and ideas of how we can help others and also better ourselves by exposing the the things that make us feel isolated and alone. We're in this together and can make this world a better place but only if we work together and I think country music is a great tool to get that started and make a dent.

Q. We're getting close to Christmas, and the release of your new single ( Pillow Talkin') on Christmas Day, so we need to ask - what else is on your wish list this year?

TJM. That's a great question. Other than radio stations giving the single some love I don't have too much to ask for. But if I did I guess I could use some new off-road tires for the pickup or a new casting rod after I snapped my last.

5 Quick Questions with Tyler Joe Miller

Q1. If you are on a long drive and can only choose one album to listen to, which album would you reach for?

TJM. Time Well Wasted by Brad Paisley.

Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick QuestionsQ2. Do you have a dream venue that you would love to play live?

TJM. It's definitely cliche but I think any country artist's dream venue is The Opry in Nashville. But hell, I'll take a dive bar down the street from that until then and be happy.

Q3. Who would you choose as your dream collaboration partner for a future project?

TJM. My dream collaboration would easily be Brad Paisley, he's one of the reasons I got into country music. Or Miranda Lambert, I've always dreamt of doing a duet with her.

Q4. What was the first album that you ever bought for yourself (CD, Tape, LP, etc.)?

TJM. Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley.

Q5. Is there an artist that you love that you think more people should be paying attention to and listening to?

Thanks again to Tyler Joe Miller. We can't wait to hear Pillow Talkin' and all of the music he has coming after that!

Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick Questions photos of Tyler Joe Miller via Facebook

Tyler Joe Miller – Pillow Talkin’, Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

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