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Two Social Media Powerhouses With Over 7 Million Followers Re-brand to An .XYZ Domain

Posted on the 28 October 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

A couple of social media trendsetters have gone with an .XYZ domain name for their internet domain name presence.

Tasia Alexis is by any measure a social media powerhouse with a total of 3.85 million followers has registered and proudly promoting her new domain name

If you haven’t heard of Alexis, well she has some pretty impressive social media numbers:

Vine – 3 Million followers & 451Million loops
Youtube – 24,000 Subscribers
Instagram – 650,000 Followers
Facebook – 16.5K Followers
Twitter – 161,000 Followers

Its a total of 3.85Million Followers.

Social media trendsetters have a lot of influence over their followers.

Getting these social media powerhouses is a pretty out of the box marketing strategy especially for a domain name registry.

The best part of the story is that Tasia decided to go with a .XYZ on her own accord.

The .XYZ registry smartly sent her a t-shirt and her picture with the .XYZ Gear got over 31K likes



Alexander Holtti is another social media icon with a huge following of over 3.2 million people:

Vine – 2.5 Million Followers almost 500 Million loops
Twitter – 159,000 Followers
Facebook – 62,000 Likes
Youtube – 136,000 Subscribers
Instagram – 419,000 Followers

Total – 3,276,000

Alexander Holtti chose which is his new home aggregating all of his social feeds in one, and allowing fans and agents to contact him for opportunities.

His email is powered by Google Apps and his website is powered by #GenXYZ VIP.

The .XYZ registry smartly also sent Alex a t-shirt, and his picture with his .XYZ shirt got 36.6K Likes on Instagram.




I think this is a great example of how registries can get the next generation of internet to adopt new gTLD’s.

Those that will influence behavior and buying decisions of millions of younger people should not be disregarded

If the new gTLD’s is about the next generation, then this is another brilliant but rare example by a registry how to generate the hype and usage that will increase registrations over time.

PS: Yes I’m aware that this two Gen X’s make more money than I do wearing silly glasses and doing silly stuff which I’m not that thrilled about but its a new day and time so respect for those that find a why to create something out of the box.

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