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Two Sepatate Species? Male and Female, the Battle Rages On…

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

Two Sepatate Species? Male and Female, the Battle Rages On…

Everyone will agree that women are emotional, and that men are generally not.

But just how deep do the differences go between the sexes? If there were not so many similarities between the two, so many obvious similarities, I believe that women and men would be classified as completely different species.

In fact they essentially were at one point. Men were the hunters, and women the gatherers.

Look, I am all for equal rights, and this post certainly has nothing to do with that.

In fact, in many ways, I believe that women are the dominant sex of the species; they are smart (in most cases they are far smarter than men, they are able to think in ways that men simply cannot, they are able to think outside of the box).

Men are very different.  Men, generally, are nothing more than ego driven neanderthals who are more concerned with themselves than with anybody else.

A woman will come to a man upset, crying about something that has upset her often delicate emotional state, and more often than not, the man will go through the motions of comforting her, not really particularly caring, or even necessarily understanding what his significant other is going on about.

A man is interested in very few things; these generally include a sport of some kind, a drink of some kind, and sex.

But what happens if the man does not have a sex drive.

Let’s say, referring back to the past two posts, that there is a chemical imbalance in his brain that causes him to not even think about having sex, with his partner or anyone else.

We are not talking about a mental choice, or even a behavioral issue, but a chemical one.

This will stir up such a hornet’s nest of emotion in the woman that he becomes so overwhelmed that as a defense mechanism, he simply shuts off. He literally can not; a, as a man, and b. as an individual with NO sex drive whatsoever even force himself to understand why the relationship, great on all other fronts, cannot simply be what it is, the woman forgo the sex part, and just move on and have a happy relationship.

Again, men and women, completely different species from one another.

A woman being an emotional based being, and a man a far more mechanical and egotistical one.

The problem is, that neither can be wrong, and the man to try to keep harmony in the home will, on a consistent basis, agree to do things that he truly does not want to, just to appease the female partner.

Thereby not having to deal with what he considers to be over-reactive emotional responses from her. And men agree upon this. I have spoken to many who feel the same exact way.

They would never, however tell their wives about the way they truly feel, or the divorce rate would be something more like 80% instead of the already very high 50%.


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