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Two New Books for Young Readers

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
You might remember the impressive magazine collages of Megan Coyle that first caught my eye more than a year ago. Megan has been very busy since then, creating thirty vivid designs to illustrate a charming story for small children.
Duck and Fish
It's about a sweet mallard and flying fish who meet one another at the beach and ponder what it would be like to live the life of the other. (Aw look, they're smiling!) Most of us wouldn't be able to bring personality and dimension to bits and pieces of flat magazine pages, but Megan makes it look easy.
Fish flies over the airport
Will Duck and Fish decide to trade places? I must say Fish looks pretty upset while flying over an airport!
Duck sightseeing in the ocean
Hmm, but Duck seems to be getting along swimmingly in the underwater world. I wonder how things will work out?!
Duck and Fish can be previewed and purchased on Blurb.
Two New Books for Young Readers
Saskia Akyil and I first met when she asked me for photography advice regarding the cover she'd just quilled for her first young adult novel. Yes, a quilled design on a book cover - what an eye-catching idea!
We struck up a conversation... Saskia, a young American mom living in Germany, was inspired to do the cover art after seeing Yulia Brodskaya's work. She's the first to admit she's a novice quiller. "I'm sure I'm not the only person who saw Yulia's artwork in Oprah magazine and thought "Wow, what is that? I want to do it!" Regardless of Saskia's skill level, the colorful designs on both the front and back covers will grab the attention of young readers everywhere. Maybe they'll even be enticed to give quilling a try - that would be nice!
Quilled book back cover
I guarantee a teen adventure story involving summer romance in a foreign land (Turkey in this case, the homeland of Saskia's husband) would have appealed to me when I was a young teen. Wait... who am I kidding? It appeals to me now. :)
Secrets of a Summer Village, is listed worldwide on Amazon as a print book, as well as Barnes and Noble. It's also available electronically as a Kindle download from Amazon. The first chapter can be previewed here. Enjoy!

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