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Two Emergency Veterinary Hospitals in Ottawa Suffer COVID-19 Exposure Over Christmas

By Pawsforreaction @PawsForReaction

Merry Christmas: Ottawa veterinary practices are suffering during the holidays

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

Hazel and I wish everyone a very Furry Christmas! It's been a busy December for us and it will only get busier if we head into what looks like another inevitable lockdown. We hope we do go into lockdown because we want everyone to be safe. All we want for Christmas is for everyone to get fully vaccinated. 

Many industries are suffering from a pandemic that has taken too long to beat and they will continue to suffer if more people don't get vaccinated. Human healthcare has taken the brunt of this and healthcare workers are too burnt out to be subjected to another catastrophic 'wave' of positives.

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

Veterinary medicine has also suffered, and while we don't often find ourselves making headline news, this week Ottawa citizens are experiencing what we have been warning them about all along. Veterinary professionals have been abused, yelled at, and publically criticized for not allowing clients inside the building, not taking new clients, reducing routine care appointments, and moving as many services as they can online. What we are experiencing right now in Ottawa is why we made these changes. While I empathize with pet owners, being one myself, the value of a veterinary professional's life far outweighs these minor inconveniences.

There is a human face behind your pet’s veterinary care. 

COVID-19 has put the medical community, human and animal, at high risk. We can’t social distance to do our job, and we often sacrifice ourselves to care for our patients. We were already experiencing a shortage of doctors and technicians, and high rates of burnout, before the pandemic.

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

Two of the three Ottawa #emergency veterinary clinics are suffering COVID-19 outbreaks and/or exposure, and the remaining emergency clinic is overwhelmed. Additionally, several general practice veterinary clinics have suffered the same fate. It’s very important these teams do everything they can to get well and reduce spread, even if that means isolating and closing their doors. With the increase in holiday accidents and the surge in pandemic pet adoptions, veterinary professionals are burning themselves out for pets in the community. We are constantly short-staffed. We are working hard. We are being mistreated. We are sick of this too. Also, we are scared. We WANT to help pets. And most importantly- some of us are SICK.

Do everything you can to prevent a pet accident or emergency. Plan for an emergency in advance by researching the availability of critical care. Keep dogs on leash, cats inside, and food and drink far from curious mouths. CLICK HERE to learn how to keep your pets safe during the holiday season. Remember, Kingston and Montreal are also overwhelmed. This is a global pandemic. 

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

Be empathetic. Show compassion. When you leave selfish or cruel comments on posts about the state of the vet industry, remember these are HUMAN lives, real people, with families, hopes, and dreams. They want to be healthy enough to walk through the clinic doors again to treat your pet. They want to live to save another pet’s life. They gave pets their empathy and they deserve yours. YES, I love my pets like family. But these are human lives, I’d never ask them to lay down their lives to treat my pet. They deserve respect and support as they navigate the most terrifying and lonely time of their lives because they got sick or exposed while desperately trying to keep the doors open to heal sick pets. 

Veterinary professionals are devastated when they are unable to provide their services to needy pets. This is a difficult situation for both sides. Show some empathy for the side that’s not yours. Remember the value of a human life. The true enemy is COVID-19, that’s what we should be firing to change. Hazel and I are sending love and healing energy to ALL veterinary professionals and pet owners during this difficult time. 

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

Emergency veterinary clinics you can CONTACT IN ADVANCE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE to inquire about care. *They may be unable to provide services

-Ottawa Veterinary Hospital (24hour emergency service):


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ottawavet/ 

-Centre DVM Montréal (24hour emergency service): https://centredmv.com/en/ 

-Centre Vétérinaire Laval (24hour emergency service): https://www.cvlaval.com/

Be kind to each other. Hazel and I wish all of you happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I hope you find ways to connect with your loved ones and celebrate in a way that is safe and memorable. 

Two emergency veterinary hospitals in Ottawa suffer COVID-19 exposure over Christmas

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