Twitter Removed Thousands of Fake News Accounts Worldwide, Spreading Propaganda

Posted on the 21 September 2019 by Harsh Sharma @harshsharma9619

Twitter has removed more than 10,000 accounts from its platform worldwide. The company says that these accounts were misinformed and publicized on the platform. In October 2018, Twitter revealed state-supported information operations running on its platform, and now a year later, the company has announced the removal of thousands of politically motivated accounts.

Twitter has said in a statement that 273 accounts of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have been removed. These accounts were linked to a goal. Multilateral information operations were being conducted through these accounts, mainly keeping countries like Qatar and Iran in focus. These accounts were in favor of the Saudi government. Twitter has found evidence that DotDev is running these accounts. DotDev is a private technology company operating from the UAE and Egypt.

Micro-blogging site Twitter informed that it had suspended DotDev and its related accounts forever. With this, the company has also suspended 4248 separate accounts. These accounts were being run separately from UAE, whose targets were Qatar and Yemen. Most of the misinformation was being spread through these accounts, and it was being tweeted on regional issues such as the Yemeni Civil War and Houthi Movement.

Twitter discovered a network of more than 200,000 fake accounts based in China in August. With this, last October, Twitter removed 4500 accounts running from Russia. In Spain, Twitter had removed 265 accounts to provoke public sentiment unfairly.

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