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Twitter Makes Media Social for New York Golf Bloggers in Putnam

By Golfforbeginners
It is unusual and exciting to meet up with Twitter users whom you follow and chat with regularly but that is exactly what happened when three of the most recognizable golf bloggers in New York converged last week at the lovely Putnam National Golf Club for a fun game.
Social media jumped out of the computer and met face-to-face on the golf course!
Patricia Hannigan, President of Golf Girl Media and writer of the fun and flirty golf blog "Golf Girl's Diary" joined Mike Wolfe, President of WAM Marketing Solutions and myself (with my husband Barry), putting away our smart phones in order to explore Putnam National as a foursome.
Mike had recently played golf at Putnam National and in his review appreciated the "scenic views", "elevation changes" and "undulating greens" of this once private golf course. Patricia enjoyed this Mahopac golf course only once before on an autumn day. "What I remembered most was how the brilliant fall foliage extended up the surrounding hills to provide a colorful vista at almost every hole."
Putnam_national Putnam National Golf Club

I took pleasure in being enveloped by the natural beauty of my surroundings and the feel of calm joy being out on a beautiful day with a friendly group. A few solid bunker shots and a receptive driver didn't hurt either!
Jason Peck, in an article entitled, "How Social Media is changing golf"  mentioned that, "One of social media’s strengths is being able to compliment real-life events and extend their reach and interactivity."

This idea tends to work both ways in golf: being one of the most social sports, golf is ripe for converting internet conversations into friendships on the course and also for players to be able to find others in cyberspace interested in discussion and meet-up.
"I think the more golf can utilize social media to help make the sport and golfers more accessible and interesting to casual fans, the more the game will grow,"  said Peck.
Our foursome's face-to-face golf experience concluded on the 19th hole at Putnam National's pub with a few beers and a chat about our respective games. We took pictures and vowed to play golf again in the near future. Until we meet again, we can still be social!
Golf4beginners_wamgolfs_golfgirl Golf4Beginners, WAMGolfs and GolfGirl at Putnam the flesh!
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