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TV Guide’s Unsexiest Sex Scenes

By Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Sookie’s threesome dream with Eric and Bill from True Blood Season 4 has made TV Guide’s list for Unsexiest Sex Scenes Vol. IV!

This is what they said about it…

Bill, Sookie and Eric, True Blood

True Blood never met a dream sequence it didn’t love, but Sookie’s imagined threesome with her two vampire suitors, Bill and Eric, was more like a nightmare. Sookie’s breathless quibbling and the men’s puppy-eyed declarations of admiration are the opposite of what makes the edgy show so watchable. Sure, it’s played for laughs, but we fans take the choice of Miss Stackhouse’s sexual partners to be serious business. So knock off the shenanigans, Alan Ball.

I agree…we DO take the choice of Sookie’s sexual partners very seriously. But we know that the only reason why Bill was in this dream, was because Bill had given Sookie his blood. The first person she thought of, was Eric. The first person she touched, was Eric. Even though Bill was in this dream, it was still mostly about Eric and Sookie.

Although, it did come off as being really cheesy, but that’s nothing new with this show sometimes.

At least, that’s what I thought about watching it…

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