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Tutankhamun Gold Falcon Collar

By Egyking
Chased Gold Falcon Collar with Small Counterpoise of Tutankhamun
An Egyptian mommy was an embalmed body, wrapped according to a prescribed pattern in linen bandages. Protective charms (amulets) were placed between the layers of bandages, so that they lay over the part of the body which they were intended to protect or to assist through the power of magic. By multiplying the layers of bandages, more and more amulets could be placed directly over any physical member.
Tutankhamun Gold Falcon Collar
Personal possessions, and particularly jewelry, might be included with the amulets. The bandages of Tutankhamun's mommy enveloped 143 objects - chiefly amulets, such as the chased gold falcon collar with small counterpoise shown above, but also many personal possessions, the fine dagger and sheath lying above the abdomen of the mommy being an outstanding example.

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