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Tumbleweed Wanderers’ ‘Into the Mines’ is a Fusion of Our Favorite Genres [Stream]

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


Tumbleweed Wanderers’ ‘Into the Mines’ is a Fusion of Our Favorite Genres [Stream] Pause Tumbleweed Wanderers – Into the Mines SoundCloud

A self-described fusion of Americana, soul, folk and rock-n-roll, Tumbleweed Wanderers are anything but one-dimensional. From their humble busking beginnings in Oakland, California to grassroots touring and music festival appearances, they just finished their year-long journey meticulously recording and producing their first album, Realize, out June 9. With big names Brian Deck and Brian Lucey on board to offer creative guidance, we know the album is worth checking out.

“Into the Mines” is the newest intriguing single off the album. After hearing the opening xylophone chime melodically over psychedelic synth, it’s tough to predict what might follow — a catchy-yet-sultry electropop tune, perhaps? The answer is actually no — next emerge folksy harmonies that sound an awful lot like Fleet Foxes, backed by a rhythm guitar plucking a solitary note. The song then kicks into high energy with a smooth yet distinct hybrid of genres. With a backbone of classic folk melodies, the band intricately layers on psychedelic “oohs”, “aahs” and synth with some heavy-handed rock-n-roll guitar and energy. While none of these genres (nor any combination of the above) is particularly novel, Tumbleweed Wanderers succeed at creating something fresh, catchy and energetic. We cannot wait to hear what other gems Realize has lined up for us.

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