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Trying to Stuff 200 Yrs. of Our Country's Past in a Closet That Doesn't Close!

Posted on the 07 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Why would Republicans support Right Wing Social Conservatism and their fanatical worship of the past...while trying to cover up what they stand for?
Someone with real character might say: “yea! I'm a Racist, and damn proud!” “I hate Blacks, I hate Hispanics, I hate Jews...and I sure don't want the Irish in my neighborhood!” “I'm a Bigot!...I don't like Gay People, and don't think Women deserve a Man's job!”When was the last time the Republican Party publicly said that?...never! they never will! So why do they condone, support, and applaud those actions?? They're a Party without character...or backbone to publicly stand up and declare who they are, and what they truly believe in!
No one is more vocal about Constitutional Rights now days, than Republicans. Equal Rights for All! For Republicans, that means: The Right to Suppress the Vote, the Right to Discriminate, the Right to Refuse Medical care to those less fortunate and unable to pay, and the Right to pay Cash or Plastic for those services. The Right to intrude in a Woman's body, the Right to refuse anyone from entering the United States, and the Right to decide who can enter, and who cannot! The Right to keep your child unvaccinated and uneducated, and the Right to spread the disease of an unvaccinated child throughout the Community! They believe they have the Right to Break the Law...they even encourage you, to disobey...right, Mitch? And they have the Right to secretly negotiate with Foreign Governments behind the back of their own Government...a la The Gipper & Iran...and Bibi & Boner!
But their biggest Right, is the Right to buy and own their personal Supreme Court. It probably cost the GOP millions!! for the services of Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts...but, they 'do' get their $,$$$,$$$'s worth!
The Republican Party is walking a dangerously fine line...a tightrope between endorsing and supporting the policies of Division, Fear, Hate, Racism, and Bigotry...while appearing at the same time, as the Savior of the Masses! who are going to save the Country from grasp of Socialism! by restoring “Family and Traditional Values”, the inclusion of the “Laws of GOD” in all the Local, State, and Federal levels of the Government...back to the Pleasantville 50s, where people could turn their backs at the abuses by one race over another, where so called good people would rather remain silent than make any type of noise. And all that Red, White, and Blue, Apple Pie, and 4th of July Patriotism! The days of innocence!
It's funny how the entire GOP decided to skip the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Marching? Shades of conservative exclusivity? It's even funnier when the GOP Leadership was called out by their own Republicans; “Get your Ass to Selma!!”
They portray themselves as the Innocence in our national political debate, wrapped in Old Glory...but whatever they do?...they just can't keep their real self's from falling out of the crowded Closet!!
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