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Trump/GOP Ready To Sacrifice Workers On Alter Of Greed

Posted on the 16 May 2020 by Jobsanger
Trump/GOP Ready To Sacrifice Workers On Alter Of Greed
The $2.5 trillion stimulus package passed by Congress was supposed to protect both businesses and workers in this recession. Corporations got a slush fund of $500 billion. Small businesses were supposed to be able to borrow money to keep workers on the payroll and pay other expenses. Most Americans got a $1200 payment. And workers got an enhanced unemployment program.
But it hasn't worked out as expected. The corporations got their money, and many of them were even able to raid the fund for small businesses (leaving those small businesses out in the cold). Now the Trump administration is trying to make sure workers can't get their unemployment insurance.
Trump has urged all governors to reopen the economy, and sadly, most of them are complying -- even though none of the states have met the requirements for safety (for workers or consumers). And to make matters worse, the Trump administration is telling state unemployment agencies to deny unemployment insurance payments to any workers who don't comply with an order to return to work (even though safety measures are not adequate to protect them from being infected with the Coronavirus).
Employers have been asked to report any employee who does not return to work after being offered "suitable work" (although that term has not been defined, and no safeguards for workers are insured).
This shows just who the Republicans and the Trump administration were trying to help with the stimulus bill -- corporations (and their rich owners). They don't care about small businesses, and most of all, they don't care about workers.
They are willing to sacrifice American workers on their alter of greed!

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