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Trump's Deal of the Century

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
US President Donald Trump has announced his Deal of the Century. It looks great to me, but I don't see how the Palestinians will ever accept it. The little I know of it gives them far less than more generous offers they have rejected in the past. From my perspective it might be a great deal, but if it goes nowhere it helps nobody.
Here are some of the details of the Deal of the Century:
  • no Palestinians or Israelis will be uprooted form their homes
  • Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel
  • the Palestinians will get a capital in East Jerusalem
  • the future Palestinian state will be contiguous
  • the Israelis will keep to a 4 year freeze in construction of homes in the settlement areas, to allow a comprehensive agreement to be negotiated
  • Palestinians will recognize Israel as a Jewish state
  • Israel will have sovereignty over any lands put under their control in the agreement
  • Israel will control Jerusalem but will work with Jordan to ensure Palestinians have prayer access by Al Aqsa (Temple Mount)
Obviously there will be much more than this and lots of details, but these seem to be the main points I picked up from the various news sites. I love it, but don't see how it can possibly be accepted by the other side...

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