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Trump Is Terrified Of What Will Happen After Leaving Office

Posted on the 12 November 2020 by Jobsanger
Trump Is Terrified Of What Will Happen After Leaving Office
Why is Trump being such a jerk about the election -- refusing to concede, lodging numerous ridiculous lawsuits, and refusing to allow the transition process to proceed. I'm sure part of it is his rampant narcissism, which won't let him see himself as a loser (even though there is no doubt of the election results). But that's not all.

Trump is terrified of what's going to happen to him once he no longer has the protection of the presidency. He's going to face legal and financial problems -- the likes of which he's never had to face before. And he's probably not going to be able to lie and bully his way through them.

Here's just part of an excellent article by Timothy O'Brien at Bloomberg.com on the troubles Trump will face:

Although Trump has over the years juggled, among other difficulties, ho-hum grades, the threat of personal bankruptcy, sexual assault accusations, an intensive federal investigation and an impeachment, he has plowed ahead relatively unwounded and unencumbered by regret. Wealth, celebrity and the presidency have kept him buoyant. All that insulation has also meant that he hasn’t learned from his mistakes. Every personal and public reckoning has been postponed or shunted aside.

Now, however, Trump is staring at two threats that loom after he leaves the White House in January. One is financial, the other legal. Neither is entirely under his control. And both may help explain, along with his perennial inability to accept losing, why Trump won’t acknowledge that President-elect Joe Biden is going to succeed him and why he has enlisted the Republican Party to help him gaslight Americans about the outcome of the presidential election. . . .

What’s clear is that Trump’s money and freedom are in play. 

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