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Trump Has Brought Together "A Collection Of Supervillains"

Posted on the 16 August 2018 by Jobsanger
Trump Has Brought Together
While campaigning, Donald Trump made a couple of promises to the American people. He said he would hire only the best people and that he would drain the "swamp" in Washington, D.C.. He has done neither. Instead, he has filled his administration (and our government agencies) with a cast of incompetents, criminals, and lobbyists. In other words, instead of draining the swamp, he has filled it with even more vicious monsters than before.
This is not just my opinion. Some honest Republicans are also starting to realize what Trump has done. Here is just some of what self=professed Republican Matt Lewis had to say in The Daily Beast:
This week’s news about Omarosa secretly taping chief of staff John Kelly and President Donald Trump is yet another reminder of something about Trumpworld: Politics has always attracted eccentric opportunists, but people in this administration are especially weird.  In the case of Omarosa Manigault Newman, we are talking about a melodramatic reality star who lies constantly and brought a recording device into the Situation Room. But she’s just the latest example of the motley crew Trump has made famous. Take, for example, the president’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who is currently on trial for tax and bank fraud and reportedly paid more than $18,000 for a python jacket. Or Trump’s former senior adviser, Steve Bannon, who studies obscure Italian fascists and insists on wearing multiple layers of clothing yet doesn’t seem to own a comb or a razor.  And let’s not forget Rob Porter, the straight-looking Trump staffer who (allegedly) beat the hell out of two of his ex-wives before dating Hope Hicks. Seb Gorka was the Hungarian fugitive who was a villain straight out of central casting. Scott Pruitt was the former head of the EPA with a penchant for French cuisine and Ritz Carlton hand lotion.  Only the best people? Clearly, Trump likes casting people who are not just interesting characters, but who are also cartoon caricatures. There’s Rudy Giuliani, the bulging-eyed former “Mayor of America” who has become a parody of himself. There’s Mooch (Anthony Scaramucci), who is essentially a caricature of a fast-talking Italian businessman. And Michael Cohen, the Trump lawyer who watched Goodfellas one too many times. And Corey Lewandowski, the erstwhile campaign manager who probably still has a poster of Lee Atwater hanging on his bedroom wall. And even Stephen Miller’s own uncle thinks he’s a schmuck. I could go on. It’s almost as if Trump visited the far corners of the universe to bring together a collection of supervillains.

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