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Trump Calls Obama “insane” to Flood U.S. with Syrian Refugees

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Donald Trump began his day with a tweet early this morning, in which he asks if Barack Obama is “insane” since no one seems to know know who the Syrian refugees “pouring into” America are — whether some of them are ISIS jihadists.

Trump Syrian refugees tweet

Here are some of the useful idiot tweets in response to Trump, which go to show we have more to fear from some Americans than from Muslim “refugees”:

Ryn Weaver: “you’re insane”

V: “the only one that is insane here, is you”

Kaoru: “How were you able to live so long being so stupid?”

Steve2016: “Go home, Donald. You’re drunk.”

TimO’Tree: “is your wife Isis…we don’t know.”

Christopher Allen: “come on, Twitter, let’s get this picture of my dog more retweets than this hateful bigot”

Steve Peer: “Human compassion is neither Liberal nor Conservative. Ending suffering is strength, not weakness”

hungry alan: “it is not safe there this why they want to come here”

Joshua Kail: “best way to make new terrorists is to treat innocent people as if they already were just because of a maybe” and “letting in the refugees is a risk. I live in a refugee center city. I am willing to take it.”

Kelly Doyle: “I would take in a Syrian Refugee. I think I will pursue it.”

Liberal Hippie Queen: “Only 10,000 and they are being heavily vetted by Homeland Security. Stop the lies and the fear mongering”

Lastly, here’s the Left’s favorite card — the racist accusation — from a tweeter who obviously received his education from public schools:

What is sleep: “do you actually have no problem with being a blatant rascist [sic] or does your hotels [sic] and money make it acceptable”

Trump is right about the Obama administration not knowing who the Syrian refugees are.

In early September 2015, in an interview with Fox News, Congressman Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said (Townhall):

 “We’re a compassionate nation . . . but I also have to be concerned as Chairman of Homeland Security about the safety of Americans in this country . . . . [T]he FBI testified . . . that we don’t really have the proper databases on these individuals to vet them passed and to assure we’re not allowing terrorists to come into this country . . . . We don’t know who these people are and . . . until we know who they are, we cannot responsibly bring them into the United States. Both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have told me privately that they don’t support bringing in Syrian refugees because of the threat they pose to Americans.” 


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