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True Blood Tuesday: You Smell Like Diner **Spoilers**

By Thefriskyvirgin

Season 4, Episode 2.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! For the second week straight, we had a jam-packed episode, equipped with fireworks in the form of fangs, spells, and fur.  
Let’s look at the episode through our characters. 
Arlene & Terry: Sookie finally gets to meet the possible devil-child, and Arlene seems keen to have her do a little eavesdropping on his tiny brain.  Sookie, however, tells her that babies don’t think in clear thoughts, but she could sense one thing—this baby is “an old soul.” Arlene absolutely freaked, going on and on about how he is just a little innocent baby.  I’m pretty sure Arlene is trying to convince herself—and everyone else—that she loves the child. Later, she stares deeply into his eyes and ends up with a bloody eyeball. Did the baby cause her eye to bleed? Arlene certainly thinks so. We shall see…
Hoyt & Jessica: When leaving Fangtasia, Hoyt steps up to defend Jessica against the picketing anti-vampire folks. Unfortunately, Jess is forced to watch Hoyt get beaten up. Why? As Pam says, technology has “taken all the fun out of being a vampire.” Back at their maybe-haunted house, Jess offers her blood to help quickly heal Hoyt’s wounds, but dear Hoyt responds rather poorly, saying he “doesn’t need that sh*&.” Oops. Jess, angry, claims she’s going to the drugstore for Advil, but instead heads to Fangtasia for a little fang-banger feeding time. 
Line of the night: Pam-“You two lovebirds go on home, okay? And let these good people practice their constitutional right to be ’effin idiots.” LOVE THIS LINE.
Sam, Luna, & Tommy:  New favorite couple alert!!! Things between Sam and Luna are heating up, but she is a bit hesitant.  How can you not like Luna with Sam?  During their next shifter meeting, Luna reveals she is part Mexican (mom) and Navajo (father).  Her mother died giving birth to Luna.  Being raised by her father and grandparents, Luna was told about Skinwalkers. Skinwalkers were thought to be evil witches that could transform into any animal on earth, even people.  However, they could only gain their power by killing another shifter—another member of their own family, which is why Luna was able to shift into her mom.  It was an emotional moment, watching her talk about never meeting her mom and then one day getting to be her.
Soon, they all sense another shifter nearby. Sam, recognizing the scent, takes off and finds Tommy, who, surprise, surprise, is completely healed from his gunshot wound. Tommy misses his big brother and both agree to work “not trusting each other a little less each day.” Aww.
Random thought: Now, Luna’s story regarding Skinwalkers is interesting, especially considering we have two shifter family members on the show—Sam and Tommy.  
Jason & Crystal: This had to be the ickiest part of the night.  Basically, Crystal and her loser boyfriend (who is shooting blanks in the baby-making department) want Jason to impregnate Crystal in order to keep the werepanther line going.  See a problem? Yep, Jason isn’t a were-anything. What to do? Ah, right, Crystal and loser boyfriend transform into werepanthers and begin, um, gnawing on Jason. Pardon me while I gag.
Sookie & Eric, Part I: Well, Eric desires the Sook-ster. Duh. Eric wants Sookie to belong to him…in every way…but it’s not just for his desires—he offers her protection from other vampires who may discover what powers her blood holds. He tells her there are two Sookie’s: human Sookie and fairy Sookie.  He wishes her to embrace the saucy-Sookie-fairy side.  The next day, Sookie sees some goblin-fairies running for her, but it was really Tara. Those pesky hallucinations! While bringing some groceries in with Tara, Sookie notices a few little surprise gifts from Eric: a new screen door, microwave, blood in the fridge, and even a built-in sleep spot for his sheriff-self. 
Sookie & Bill: Ah-ha! I was right! Bill is boinking the little witch-spy, Katarina! For the first time since returning from fairyland, Sookie visits Bill’s house…um, mansion. His newly refurbished home comes equipped with some serious weapon-clad guards, which Sookie discovers firsthand.  She also learns about Bill’s new job as King of Louisiana.  Bill, however, has apparently given orders regarding Sookie—she is allowed immediate entrance. Momentarily awed by his new home, Sookie heads to his bedroom and finds Bill and Katarina getting dressed.  Awkward.  After Katarina leaves, Sookie asks Bill to force Eric to give up ownership of her house.  Bill, however, can do nothing, for Eric has connections in high places…higher than the King. 
Bill: We have a couple of flashbacks.  The first takes place in the 80s and shows Nan essentially recruiting Bill because of his humane vampire ways (i.e. feeds, doesn’t kill, glamours).  She wants Bill to act as a vampire spy…to infiltrate the monarchies and create discord from within. The second flashback shows us how he defeated the Queen at the end of last season: he set her up with the help of Nan.  Men with guns rounded the corner—those guns had wooden bullets with silver cores. Ouch. The Queen calls Bill a traitor before the men shoot her down.  Nan walks in and declares Bill the King, but not without questioning him about Sookie. Bill lies, saying there is nothing special about Sookie.  Nan says he better not be lying. Uh-oh. 
Jesus, Lafayette, Tara, Marnie, & the witches: Tara joins Jesus and Lafayette at a Wiccan meeting, where Marnie reveals her desire to bring a person back to life. The witches, for the most part, were a little freaked. Just when Lafayette asks, “Where ya gonna get a dead body,” in walks Eric. Our sexy vampire orders Marnie to no longer conduct coven meetings.  Marnie wants to know what’s in it for her. Eric says this is not a negotiation, and, in response, Marnie orders her coven to join hands. Eric immediately begins feeding from Marnie. The rest of the witches join hands and begin chanting.  Meanwhile, Tara tries to help Marnie, but to no avail.  Eric releases Marnie and grabs Tara.  Marnie channels some spirit and begins chanting, while her eyes glow yellow-gold and her face flashes to someone more youthful. Eric becomes fully entranced, his eyes the same yellow-golden color.  When all is said and done, Eric looks around, his eyes empty and lost, before fleeing. Marnie remembers nothing. 
Random thought: I expected Marnie to be a little more…I dunno…fierce, maybe.  
Sookie & Eric, Part II: Sookie spent most of the evening at Fangtasia waiting for Eric. While there, she catches Jessica feeding and tries to talk to her, but Jess doesn’t want to hear a thing she has to say.  Pam, meanwhile, thinks the “fairy princess” should reconsider Eric’s offer to protect her.  She tells Sookie that Eric, in his own way, cares about her a great deal. When it’s clear Eric isn’t showing up, Sookie leaves for home.  On her way, she sees a shirtless Eric wandering along the side of the road. She calls his name, but he barely glances at her. Finally, he acknowledges her, but has no idea who she is.  Then, he turns, sniffs, and says, “Why do you smell so good?”  I think it’s safe to say Eric has lost his memory!

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