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True Blood Season 5 Ep. 3 “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” Recap

Posted on the 29 June 2012 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Pam and Eric flashback in HBO's True BloodHave you always wondered at what the world looks like through the eyes of a vampire? Well the opening scene of Episode 3, “Whatever I am, You Made Me,” answers all your questions. We thought watching Jessica getting changed was fun, well with Tara, it is an absolute delight — but not so much for anyone changing a tire on a deserted road!

Thankfully Tara has a change of heart after the opening credits and leaves the poor motorist alone. We then get to witness the Vampire Authority arguing over what to do with Bill and Eric, especially after revealing Russell Edgington is still alive. Bill, in an attempt to save their lives, agrees to bring in Edgington — or die trying. This results in them being kitted up in a deadly harness. There will be no trickery for these two from now on. One click of an app and a wooden bullet is fired straight through their heart. How on Earth will they get out of this sticky situation?

In Fangtasia Sookie is desperately trying to convince Pam to summon Tara. In the process, Sookie learns of Eric’s disappearance, gets threatened by Pam and throws a ball of light to return the favor. But have no fear, even if Pam won’t help her new progeny, it looks like Sam certainly will!

Steve Newlin is officially the new face of vampires — the new Nan Flanagan, if you like. There appear to be some teething problems though between Newlin’s attitude to humans and Roman’s opinion of the race. Salome is, luckily, able to smooth the waters.

Speaking of situations, we find Sookie and Lafayette still frantically trying to get their story straight while wondering where the heck Tara is. They need not worry, Sam is uncapping Tru Blood at a rapid rate for her — right up until she faints. Say what?

Andy discovers his butt is now on Facebook and then the Pelts arrive, looking for their daughter, Debbie. A long line of people are questioned about Debbie in this episode. Speaking of bad days, check these out: Jason Stackhouse bumps into an old school teacher. It sure looks like there is an undercurrent of something untoward in their conversation. Another notch in the belt perhaps? Yep, it sure is, we find out later on down the road. Jason’s resulting guilt is expected. Then Terry and Arlene have a fight, Sam puts on his lying face — which is no good when the waitress you’re talking to can read your mind. At least Sookie knows Tara is safe. Even if she is being stored in the deep freeze! Wonder if anyone will find her?

We then get the treat of another Pam flashback. And what a surprise we find there! Not only are we introduced to the early relationship between Pam and Eric, but Eric and Bill and his maker, Lorena. Even back then, when Pam was human, she was still able to drive a hard bargain — we can see why Northman turned her.

After Bill conveniently discovers the back story of Salome for us, we also discover that she has the hots for Bill. This is feeling a little traitor-testing to me, but they proceed with consummation anyway.

Speaking of vampires, we find Jessica buying more clothes than she needs while her maker is away. The line of the episode occurs here when the shop owner announces that “God gave that boy [Jason Stackhouse] a penis and a brain and only enough blood to run one at a time.” Needless to say, Jessica is not impressed with this, but is distracted by the introduction of Claude, the fairy. MMmmm… fairy blood! Jess follows him but he eludes capture. This makes her think of Jason and she winds up at his place. Poor Jess, turns out Jason has had an epiphany about his teacher and what she did to him all those years ago. It is certainly turning into the season where Jason gets a heart rather than a hard on. Wonder if it’s a long term thing?

Oh no — is that Hoyt? In a black mesh t-shirt and black eyeliner? I think so, but quick as a whip we’re taken back to Pam’s human life. This time she is in bed with Eric! And she is begging for him… to make her a vampire. Northman talks of maker responsibilities but Pam rushes his hand by slitting her wrists. She should remember his words on being a maker and apply them to her role in Tara’s life now.

We switch to Eric thanking Salome. Is he going to try to seduce her? Not when she drops the bombshell that she knows Nora is his sister. It gets a bit snarky between the two of them then, until Salome decides to seduce Eric. Ah, the plot thickens. Especially when we shift to the image of Nora being tortured.

Now, getting back to bad days in Bon Temps, Tara is awake and daydreaming of drinking Arlene — lucky Lafayette is ready with a bottle of Tru Blood. Shame she isn’t very appreciative of it. But it’s a great way to get from vampires, to Merlotte’s, to Sookie and Alcide talking about Debbie Pelt. And it seems he smells a rat. Unfortunately we are interrupted from that thought by Lafayette crying out at Tara squeezing him too hard. As a result Tara nearly spills the beans about what Sookie did to Debbie. I don’t think anyone will remember what she said though, since the very next thing she does is pop her fangs and leave the premises!

Next, Salome is all sated and talking to Roman about the fact that she thinks Bill and Eric can be trusted. Roman drops the clanger that maybe no one can be trusted since Nora has confessed to batting for the other team (ie. not the Vampire Authority). After much heated debate, Salome gets lucky for the third time this episode. This girl is insatiable!

We finish up with some random snippets of story line: Lafayette flipping out and pouring bleach in the gumbo after cruel comments are made by Arlene. He also sees the voodoo monster image of himself in the mirror. Oh, the Jesus story line is so not over yet! And whoopsie, was that just Sookie telling Alcide what she did to Debbie? It sure is and boy is he pissed. What the? Tara tries to kill herself by UV rays? Death by tanning bed — that’s mad! We finish up with Pam crunching numbers at Fangtasia. Something distracts her. Has she discovered something? Or is she feeling her progeny’s pain? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

What was your favorite part of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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