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True Blood Season 4, Episode 2 Review – “You Smell Like Dinner”

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Bill Compton Punk RockerNow that we’re all caught up after losing a year, we actually had the chance to delve a little deeper with some of these storylines.

We began with Sookie finding herself in a predicament. Eric smartly bought her house, to her horror, with the intention of owning her. And while he came on a bit strong in the first episode, Eric made some very good arguments here. Sookie’s rare Faerie blood makes her a huge target for vampires. Eric can provide protection. Sookie didn’t, or couldn’t, go along with it. And I can’t really blame her. After all, her experience with Bill was pretty scarring. It can’t be easy to just go along with a new vampire.

Can I just say, has Eric been any more adorable than with his “Out with the old” “In with the new” notes? I mean, okay, it’s an appliance, but still… adorable. Though Sookie did not seem to agree. Her reaction to Eric’s built-in hidey-hole, or “cubby” was priceless. And even the grand ol’ King can’t help Sookie. Bill tried though, sort of. While I wasn’t thrilled with his cool response to Sookie, Bill’s flashback to his London days in the early 80′s was genius. Bill rocked the punk eyeliner and spiked hair of the underground scene like a champ.

So we learned that Bill’s been working to mainstream vampires with Nan Flanagan since the 80′s. Interesting. But it was disappointing to know that Queen Sophie-Anne’s demise was brought on by a well-planned, well-armed human regiment of the AVL, and not an epic vampire battle to the death. Come on, Bill. Fight your own battles.

Anyway –

The rest of the Bon Temps crew had their own issues. Sam’s new love Luna revealed just how twisted she is… and the idea of “skin-walkers” freaks me out. Arlene’s baby bursting a blood vessel in her eye… or so Arlene seemed to think, was also pretty scary. I’m very curious to find out more about that baby.

And Jason! Forced to procreate with Crystal (on account ‘a Felton’s infertility), but only AFTER he becomes a werepanther? Bummer. I knew this is where Jason’s story went in the books, but if this all follows through, then we’re down another human in Bon Temps. And if everyone’s supernatural, then they don’t seem so super anymore.

Speaking of the books, I knew the amnesia story was looming over Eric this season; I just had no idea it would happen so quickly. It was unsettling to see a wandering, confused, shirtless Eric. Marnie’s terrifying spell-casting was intense. I love Fiona Shaw as Marnie. She’s believable, weird, creepy. Perfect.

The episode as a whole was strong, if a little heavy on story and light on action. But good stories are important, so I can live with that. Sure we didn’t have a lot of blood and gore, but that’s not what it’s always about, people!

Anybody else really been missing Alcide? I’m eagerly anticipating his arrival this season…

What’d you think of “You Smell Like Dinner?”

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