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True Blood’s Carrie Preston Spills on Season 4 and Arlene

Posted on the 29 June 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault
True Blood’s Carrie Preston Spills on Season 4 and Arlene

Carrie Preston as Arlene

True Blood may be the Season of the Witch this year, but Carrie Preston’s character, Arlene has her own problems to deal with, her daemon baby. And, where does Arlene Fowler fit in the season of the witch?

UGO recently had a chance to speak with Carrie on the big news for Arlene and Terry, now that Sookie Stackhouse has arrived in Bon Temps a year after season three, and Arlene’s baby has already been born. Arlene does her best to keep away from the supernatural, but what happens when she shares a house with it?

Below is a portion of that interview:

Does Arlene see the baby as just human evil, because of Rene, or is she afraid there’s something more supernatural going on, given all her experience?

Carrie Preston: Well given the way she looks at the world, she comes from a place where she believed in the sins of the father will be visited upon the child. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility in her mind that he is a sick individual who will do something horrible in the world, and she will feel responsible for that, for having brought that into the world. I think that’s really her main dilemma.

She dealt with a bit of witchcraft herself in trying to abort the baby last season. But now that the witches are sort of center stage for season four, will she find more involvement in that plot line as the season goes on?

Carrie Preston: You know, I think the witch thing really scared the pants off of her. I think Arlene is somebody who’s firmly planted in the human world, and is pretty, and we’ve seen this with the vampires, she’s pretty scared of anything that’s unknown to her. Though I think then you can make whatever conclusions you want from that. However, there will be something she’s going to come in contact with that we haven’t even seen yet on the show. So, that’s an exciting thing that happens in season four for Arlene.

She’s afraid of everything unknown. Does that include fairies, or would she see that as the typical image of a “nice” supernatural thing?

Carrie Preston: No, I think that would scare her too. I think Arlene is just one of those people that is only comfortable with what she’s used to and what she knows, and everything else takes some getting used to. You’ve got to give it to her, for somebody who’s from a small town, a little narrow-minded, she’s come to at least be able to start to accept a few things about Jessica, in working with her.

She’s had to put up with a lot. She didn’t quit, and she’s definitely…I’ve got to give her a little credit for it. I wouldn’t call her tolerant. I think she’s worried for the safety of her children, not to mention herself.

Do you see her and Terry as together for good? Is that fixed in place? Because breakups happen on the show. Bill and Sookie’s relationship is gone for the time being…

Carrie Preston: Yeah, I think Arlene realizes how special Terry is, and that he is someone who is extremely devoted, and she does not want to do anything to mess that up. I think that was part of season three’s conflict for her, was you know, having somebody else’s baby inside of me, is that going to mess up the only good thing that’s happened to me in…ever, as far as relationships. I think she’s definitely going to try to keep that around.


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