Tronix Image Model Search: Be on the Spotlight: Antipolo City, Philippines: How to Join Yearly

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Tronix Image Model picture 1Isn't it funny that being a good-looking person have so much advantages on "may I say" average looking people. For example: 1) When someone looks up at your information in the internet and got so much information than expected, for good-looking persons they are called "admirer" but for the not so they are called "stalker". 2) Another example is when good-looking people do awkward things, it becomes a trend and other people try to imitate it, but for the not so they are labelled as odd and even crazy. "K-POP moves can attest to this that when K-POP artists do their moves, especially the girls, it looks cute, but for the not so, you be the judge HAHA!" 3) Another is if a good-looking person is not in the mood to do something, they are always given a chance that everyone understand that he or she may be just moody that time (or the standards are just high), but for the not so it is upright concluded already that he is difficult to deal with or he is acting as a prima dona. Interesting isn't it?
It is given and a norm that people assume or even judge others by the way they look. So everyone is expected to fix their image on the outside and act their state. But let us always not forget to maintain greatness in the inside as well. And this is what Tronix Image Model is looking for.
As GMA Network has Star Struck, ABS-CBN has Star Circle Quest and TV 5 has Artista Academy, Innovatronix Inc. presents TRONIX Image model search.
The TRONIX Image Model search is a yearly activity of TRONIX Imaging Centers as they find for the next ambassador of the said photo and imaging studio center. The event is very popular especially on social media as it as well open for a winner garnering the one with the most votes online.  Tronix Image model banner
The search is open for 6 categories:* Kiddie girls and boys (3 - 7 years old)* Teen girls and boys (8 - 14 years old)* Adult girls and boys (15 - 25 years old)
How to join:1. Visit a TRONIX Imaging Center.2. Avail a Tronix Image Model package (Bring a birth certificate for verification purposes)3. Campaign for your entry as per its batch
Year after year, the search becomes more and more exciting as it have more and more competitive contestants. The mechanics may or may not vary (and that is why general procedures are only given here). Its prizes are growing and growing as well as it gets bigger and bigger sponsors to support the event. 
The prizes are just bonuses as the model's exposure is its real prize. The experience of the search especially the shoots that will be done must be treasured as they can use it for their future. Since the scope of the model search is nationwide as more than hundred of Tronix Imaging Center branches promote the said activity and with the help of its popular social media presence, the models can be on the spotlight opening them for more opportunities.
Tronix Image Model photo 2
Tronix Image Model photo 3
Tronix Image Model photo 3
One of the event's history highlight is when Ms. Angel Locsin joined the search before she became popular. Yes, before she took the mainstream artists of the Philippines as our Queen Mulawin, one of the most sexiest Darna who portrayed the role and one the the sexiest women in the Philippines, she has undergone the TRONIX Image Model search experience.
As Ms. Angel Locsin was hailed to have one of the prettiest face of her generation, more importantly she has this inner beauty to shine with making a characteristic of a perfect star.
If you combine inner and outer beauty plus the charisma and unique character you have, well then you are welcome to join this adventure with all the lights and cameras.
As others say that being popular - may it be becoming a TV star or a model is not for all, but if you think you have the right combination of the said factors we say you have a chance.   Just wait for the right time and who knows that your dreams can just be a search away.
So is this one of your dreams? Do you want to inspire others by becoming a role model to them? Join the search now! Promote beauty and promote wellness! Support #TRONIXImageModel
For more details, follow the link provided below:
  Carrier information: TRONIX Imaging Center Store location: Nationwide - Philippines (Malls & Supermarkets)Facebook fan page: /TronixImageModelTRONIX Image Model application in Facebook: /TronixImageModel(slash)app(underscore)136216063250092
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