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Trivia: Elite 15 Countries in The History of World Basketball

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal

Elite 15 Countries in the History of World BasketballHello basketball fans, players, coaches and the like I found an article from All About Basketball Around The World FB Page and did you know that Philippines is the only Asian Country in History that made it through World Basketball because we won the bronze medal. This medal tally is from 1950-2010 and as you can see where’s China, Iran or South Korea in the picture? I wanted to know who are the players at this time and I am going to blog about it once I saw an article about it and I hope I can find one or someone share it to us by leaving a message on the comment box below.

In line with this, Gilas Pilipinas has the chance to make a history again and I hope they will win. Filipinos are hard core basketball fans and I know we will regain back supremacy. #LabanPilipinas #Puso #GilasPilipinas #BatangPangasinan #PinoySakuragi #MarcPingris

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