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Trish’s Top Small Club Live Music Memories (Part 1)

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Not so long ago, Joshua put up his Joshua's Live Music Memories (part 1), there were some pretty cool memories. There were some that I was a part of, and some I wished I was (damn you Foo Fighters, I will see you live.) It got me thinking about some of my favourite moments, in small clubs, with bands that you'd normally see doing stadium shows or festivals.

I've put together an alphabetical list to recount my memories. I urge you, when things open up, do whatever you can to see your favourite bands at small clubs. There's nothing like it!

We're you at any of these shows? Do you have a cool memory of seeing a big name act, in a small club? Let me know about it, maybe it's on next on my list!

Arkells - Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA - March 26, 2018

Rally Cry Tour

While I didn't get to cover this show officially for our outlet, it is one of my best small club memories.

If you've been to an Arkells show here in Canada you know it's a giant thing. It's a sold out Bud Stage, Tim Horton's Stage, or Scotiabank Arena, with everyone singing along. I've done that, and it's amazing. But, last March I did the dedicated fan thing, and bought tickets to see the band at LA's Historic Troubadour. Fellow Canadian's Dear Rouge did an amazing job warming up the crowd, and then Max and the rest of the band hit the stage.

If you know Arkells, you know how big the energy is. Try that level of energy, commitment, and entertainment, in a 400 person club, which was not sold out. Silly Americans, they still don't know. To be fair, the ones that were there, surely did know. They knew all the words, they sang along, and they knew all about White Russians too. When Max did his conga line through the club, he was right there beside me.

When we left the club, I grabbed a tee, and started trying to post some stuff I'd captured to socials. I was so overwhelmed by the experience, think so happy I could barely think, that I struggled with song names. I posted one and gave up. It was time for basking in moments, not time to disappear into my phone. I still get goosebumps when I think about it.

I haven't been able to find any official video from that night, I can't believe there isn't any, somewhere. There aren't too many bands that I would travel 2,175 miles to see, but Arkells was an easy call.

NOTE: I'm very grateful to have seen a show at Troubadour, and while this pandemic threatens to strip us of so many iconic venues, I hope we find a way to not lose our gems.

AWOLNATION - Lee's Palace - 102.1 The Edge's Secret Show - Toronto - June 15, 2018

AWOLNATION at The Edge's Secret Show at Lee's Palace

I've always wanted to be cool enough to get into an Edge Secret Show. Well after years of hard work, and a few connections, that dream became a reality for me in June 2018.

Secret shows are weird. Super cool, but weird. I arrived early so that I get be right up front. Up front is my favourite place to be. There was a lot of chatter from the crowd prior to the show. Guesses at who we'd be seeing. I've been a pretty big fan since " Sail " hit the airwaves. Seeing this band, in this small club setting was something I never dreamed would happen. In the special musical moments, this show is up there.

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Billy Ray Cyrus - Rivoli - Toronto

Change My Mind Promo Private Show

This is the only small club show on the list that happened before I started doing this writing/photography thing. Somehow Joshua snagged a pair of tickets to this very exclusive set. Billy Ray was in town promoting his new album, Change My Mind, hitting tv and radio stations, and he ended his day with a intimate performance at Rivoli. The room has a capacity of 240 but there were less than 100 people there. It was a once in a lifetime acoustic performance that proved he was more than his breakthrough high Achy Breaky Heart gave him credit for.

Stay tuned for more. I'm just getting started.

Trish’s Top Small Club Live Music Memories (Part 1)

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