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Trish’s 10 Most Listened to Country Albums of 2018

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Trish’s 10 Most Listened to Country Albums of 2018

As we continue to wind down 2018, I've compiled my list of the 10 country music albums that got the most play from me this year.

In keeping with our tradition, I've included the most played song from each album. My list is almost exclusively Canadian with appearances from Texas trio, Midland and Australian superstar, Keith Urban.

Here we go!

*albums listed alphabetically by artist

Trish's 10 Most Listened to Country Albums of 2018

Most played track: My Kind of Crazy

Cain was a gentler album than I was expecting, but that is in no way a complaint. I love a rocking live Andrew Hyatt set, but this EP speaks to your heart.

Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Jessica Mitchell: Heart Of Glass

Most played track: That Record Saved My Life

I've loved this song since the very first time I heard it, and while Heart of Glass has 11 amazing tracks, this one still gets the most plays from me. This is a story album, and the stories are real, vulnerable and relatable.

🇨🇦 Jess Moskaluke: Past The Past

Most played track: Kill Your Love

This song has it all for me. An amazing chorus, great lyrics, and a story that speaks to me. I had the pleasure of seeing her play this song live a few times in 2018 and each time, it made me smile.

Most played track: Never Coming Down

Urban's eleventh studio album is a mix of 15 tracks that involved a lot of collaborations but my favourite track from the album is Never Coming Down. It starts with some seriously dirty bass and I was thrilled to be able to see Keith perform this track at the 2018 Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

🇨🇦 Kira Isabella: Side A

Most played track: Stupid Heart

I was hooked from the very opening note. And I have to say, I'm sensing a pattern in my favourite songs. This one makes a lot of sense to me. It's a sentiment I've had a few times, and I appreciate Kira's ability to put those feelings into words.

🇨🇦 Leaving Thomas: Leaving Thomas

Most played track: Blame It On The Neon

There are so many great songs on this album but my most played track is still Blame It On The Neon. It's sexy, it's fun, it's got a great video, and I love this one.

🇨🇦 Lindsay Ell: The Project

Most played track: Waiting On You

It doesn't hurt that this is the first track of the album, and the first single released from The Project, but it's more than that. It's a great song, with great lyrics, catchy hooks, and badass guitars. I expect this one to stay on my most played list for some time.

Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Midland: On The Rocks

Most played track: Drinkin' Problem

With over 53 million spins on Spotify, clearly I'm not alone on this one. It's got great harmonies, of course, but Midland somehow makes what could easily be a negative as a positive. I'm also a giant sucker for a slide guitar.

Nice Horse: There Goes The Neighbourhood

Most played track: Mansplainin'

Choosing one song was tough with this album, there are so many great tracks! But, if we're looking strictly at numbers, Mansplainin' takes the top spot. Nice Horse takes fun lyrics up a notch, and " you honey me again and I swear " says it all.

Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Trish’s Most Listened Country Albums 2018
Tim Hicks: New Tattoo

Most played track: Loud

Sometimes you just want a party song and Loud delivers in spades. I can't listen to this track without thinking about pyro. I have to mention here that this album isn't all party songs. Tim's fourth studio album is twelve tracks that showcase the singers voice and range.

Honourable Mentions: Dallas Smith: Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1, One Drink Ago, Make 'Em Like You, Rhinestone World // Sons of Daughters: No album yet - but they released three amazing songs in 2018 - What If We Stay, Ain't Gonna Be Lonely Long, Can't Find Love In A Bar

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