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Trip to the ER. I Really Think the Doctor Thought I Am a Dumb-arse.

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
Do doctors even listen? I go in there and I am like "I can't pee and my skin feels like someone is pouring acid on me." I told him I am allergic to everything under the sun, including the sun. I told him I was okie dokie before the epidural injection and now I am having issues of my skin burning and urine retention.
So he does an ultrasound of my bladder. Yup, it's full. They said it has an estimated 400 cc's in it. Okay... He says I probably has a UTI. I don't but trying to be nice I didn't argue.
They send in a female nurse to drain my bladder by catheter because by now, I am in agony. She holds up the bag and it's 700 cc's full. OUCH!
Mind you, my friend is standing right there. We are both CNAs. We know how to read and everything. So the nurse drains that into a measuring basin and into a cup for a urine sample for my UA. My friend leans over to read it and it's definitely over the 500 cc's line. She wasn't close enough for a definite read. Then turns to me and starts talking about my ginormous bladder.
The nurse looks at the basin, tilts it backwards slightly, says that there is about 400 something cc's plus the 50 in the cup for, we'll say 471. Uh-uh, whatever.
Then they take me for an MRI. During this time, I am so flushed and my skin is burning so bad that they had to stop the test and pull me out to cool me down. I finish that and go back to the ER.
Hey, guess what! I don't have a UTI. I already knew that though but any doctor would not take just my word for it. Also, the MRI came back fine as could be for me. No hematomas, infection or anything that would causing my symptoms.
Then he comes back in and says "You said you take Benadryl, right?" I was like "Yea, but I haven't taken it in a week and a half and before that a half a week." He says "Benadryl can cause urinary retention so it's probably the Benadryl causing your retention. You should stop taking it." I told him I haven't been taking it because I knew I was going to be getting the injection.  So I haven't had it in a week and a half. He totally didn't listen to me and I mentioned the burning sensation and all he would talk about was the urine retention and then walks out to get my papers.
I talked to my friend and we were both in agreement that this is an allergic reaction(and everyone I have talked to says the same thing. All my friends are medical professionals... I think we'd know) so I should take Benadryl since I haven't and see if it helps clear things up a little.
The nurse comes in and starts explaining the instructions. He gets to the part of "don't take Benadryl or other antihistamines" and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I said "Oh I am taking it the second we walk out of this building." He was like "Really?" And I said YES, this is an allergic reaction. I haven't been on Benadryl for a week and a half. He was like Oh.
So we left and headed home. I waited until we were in Libby to take my Benadryl so I would be awake for the ride since the roads were bad. Got home, took Benadryl and 30 minutes later I was peeing a little easier and my skin wasn't burning as bad.
This morning I got up and was able to pee easier again. My skin wasn't burning as bad either. I waited to take the Benadryl to see what happens. When it wears off, I have extreme difficulty making myself go and my skin BURNS again. So I quickly took another Benadryl and I will be on it until I see MY doctor again. This is an ALLERGIC REACTION! And not to Benadryl!From The Baker's Acres! Read more at

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