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Trekking Gear List: What To Pack When You’re Staying in Mountain Huts

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

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Our trekking gear list contains everything you need for your trek where you'll be staying in mountain huts.

It can also be intimidating knowing what to pack for a long-distance trek, especially if you're carrying everything yourself and you're equally concerned about having the essentials, and the weight of carrying it.
Note: On some trips like the Tour du Mont Blanc and Best of the Southern Via Dinarica luggage transfer is available. On other trekking tours like the Walker's Haute Route and the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites it's not available, so this is something to consider if it's your first trek or if you're concerned about carrying all your own gear.

Trekking Gear  List: What To Pack When You’re Staying in Mountain Huts

Pre-Packing Your Trekking Gear

A number of years I was doing the Tour du Mont Blanc. It was my first real long-distance hike. I had only a vague idea of what to pack since most of my other hiking trips were day hikes or just an overnight backcountry camping trip.

When I first laid everything out on my bed and tried to stuff it in my backpack, a third of it didn't fit. The next attempt, I managed to get it closed, but just barely.

After strapping it up and staggering a few steps, I quickly realized that if I was having a hard time making it across my bedroom, I had no chance of making it 160km across mountain passes every day.

So I reduced it again. I can't emphasize how important it is to pack your trekking gear in advance and see if you can carry your backpack. It's also a great idea to do some practice hikes with the equivalent weight of what you plan to bring with you. Not only will your back and shoulders thank you, but it will also help build the muscles that you need.

How to Use this Trekking Gear List

This trekking gear list is geared at treks that are 5- 12 days long where you'll be staying in mountain huts.
If you plan to sleep in a tent, of course, you would need camping gear. You'd also need to decide whether you would be cooking your own food or eating at a nearby refuge.

It also assumes that you will be carrying your own backpack. You'll likely need a 55- 60-L backpack. If you pack really light you can get away with a 45-litre backpack, which I've used on some trips.

Trekking Gear List: Clothing

Trekking Gear Essentials

Trekking Gear List: After Hiking Clothing

Trekking Gear  List: What To Pack When You’re Staying in Mountain Huts

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Food and Snacks to Pack for Your Trekking Tour

Bring nutritious snacks that don't squish easily. Nuts and dried fruit are good choices. Crackers and wafers get crushed easy and chocolate melts. If you crave something sweet, then gummy bears are a better choice than chocolate since they don't melt.
If you have any food allergies, like me, I'm Celiac so can't eat any gluten, then bring a few extra snacks in case the mountain huts aren't able to accommodate your allergy or forget, as happened to me on a couple of occasions.

Note: Breakfast and dinner are both served in mountain huts in the Alps. Some huts give you the option to purchase a to-go lunch. The other option is to bring more food or plan to stop at one of the mountain huts (when available) en route for lunch. If you choose the last option, prepare to do more route planning so that you don't end up eating lunch at 10:00 am or 4:00 pm.

Staying Hydrated When Trekking

Miscellaneous Stuff to Pack for Your Trek

Due to COVID, at some mountain huts, you'll also need to wear a face mask whenever you enter/leave your accommodation or are walking around. You don't need to wear it once you're sitting at your table.
You should also bring hand sanitizer. Many accommodations will provide this and ask you to sanitize your hands before entering but it's still a good idea to bring your own. 

Money When Trekking

Many mountain huts do not accept credit cards so be sure to bring enough cash with you. You can expect to pay €12 - €15 for a packed lunch from the mountain huts in the Alps. You'll also need money for drinks at your hut. If you're trekking route has optional transfers, plan for this as well in case you want to take a lift or a bus to shorten your hike. Plus it's a good idea to bring extra cash as a contingency.


In Europe, it's required by law that you carry identification with you. If you're a European citizen identification will do. If you're not European, you must carry your passport with you.

Optional Items to Pack for Your Trek

Now, what you'll need will vary from trek to trek and the climate and conditions, but you've got all the essentials and can accordingly.

That's your complete trekking gear packing list. Have an amazing trek!

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