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Trekking Enthusiasts Would Love to Trail These Mountains in India

By Travelrasoi @travelrasoi

Given our homeland’s mesmerizing landscapes, it has been tough to lockout on one trekking course. So, to make this simpler, I put together my choices on the three criteria. A trek that daily presents me with incredible panoramas and not merely on a couple of days. Next was a trek that brings me close to nature to swipe out my senses through its serenity and charm. And last, the trek that is like an open challenge that offers me a myriad of thrills and adventures during the journey.

Thus, with these in mind, I shortlisted my trekking destinations out of many. Here are those three treks I experienced by now and would recommend to my readers as well to go for!

  • Goecha La Trek, Sikkim

This trek route captivates trekkers from all over the world to witness the extraordinary perspective on Kanchenjunga National Park. Goecha La Trekhas such a significant number of reasons that allured me to choose it, ranging from bumpy trails to the endless charm of nature. The place that is known for tranquil beauty; and a lot of fun-frolic experience.

Covering 90 km in more than 11 days doesn’t seem like the challenge, yet don’t think little of this trek – satisfying location for what it’s worth. There is no feeling greater than completing a trek to a summit and gazing on the rewarding stunning views. In fact, after this trek, new gratitude and love for nature have formulated in my brain.

During the trekking, I passed through small streams, verdant farms, and suspension bridges. Also, the Kanchenjunga National Park is a photographer’s pleasure. Samiti Lake is another visual joy that is a highlight of this trek. After a tiring trail, I relieved my soaring muscles by plunging into this lake.

Best Time To Trek: April to June and Mid-September to October

Trekking Distance: 90 Km

Maximum Altitude: 4,876 m

  • Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Everybody knows, Himachal Pradesh is the most enchanting yet adventurous goal of thrillseekers in the entire country. And yes, there is no uncertainty about it!

So, starting from McLeod Ganj, this short, yet mesmerizing escapade took me through the magnificent wonders and abundant beauty of the Himalayan Ranges. Tracking for the most part via the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas, the trek finished in 4 days with a lot of troubles and challenges, of course.

What’s more, I get to discover the exotic appeal of the high Indrahar Pass. Likewise, what I loved the most was camping and exploration around the Lahesh Caves en-route. The all-encompassing scenes on Dhauladhar and other Himalayan pinnacles are the additional enchantments of this surprising trek.

Best Time To Trek: April to September

Trekking Distance: 35 km

Maximum Altitude: 34822 m

  • Zanskar Chadar Trek, Ladakh

One trekking trip around snow-clad mountains in winters was always a dream. So, this trek was perfect for me to get all those chills!

This trek is named as Chadar Trek because Chadar means the blanket; thus, the frozen river is actually a cover. But spring water keeps this frosty cover from totally covering the river, that in certain spots, holds its rapids. Hiking on this icy blanket of Zanskar river was an extreme encounter for the adrenaline junky like me! The trek passed by shifting along the Chadar that at regular intervals separates and switches hues on the water. If there was no ice sheet covering the stream, we took another trail over snow-covered banks to descend to a spot on the Zanskar river. Along with this, en-route I got the opportunity to interact with village locals in the Trans Zanskar ranges.

For me, it was a brilliant and challenging expedition. What separates this trek is its incomparable experience: the scene, environment, caverns, sleds, unique campgrounds, and the regularly evolving Chadar.

Best Time To Trek: Mid-January to February

Maximum Altitude: 3850 m Trekking Distance: 105 km


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