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Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure!

By Ireviewuread
Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Are you worried that all your traveling is detrimental to the environment? It's true that going on vacation quite regularly won't be doing any good for the environment - in fact, all that flying will be resulting in a lot of carbon being let out into the atmosphere. But does that really mean that you need to give up traveling in order to lead a more eco-conscious life? Well, thankfully, there might be a way to get around it.

In actual fact, there could be a few ways to get around it! Now that everyone is a lot more mindful about their impact on the environment, there are quite a few travel experts who have devised some great tips and advice to allow individuals to continue to travel while also trying to be as environmentally friendly. Things still may not be perfect when it comes to traveling, as it will add to your carbon footprint, but there are plenty of ways you could keep the consequences down to a minimum.

So, are you ready to head off on a new eco-friendly travel adventure? Here are some tips that will help you do it with minimum impact to the environment and world around us.

Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Try Not To Fly

Of course, one of the main reasons why traveling is so bad for the environment is the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by planes. Because of this, more and more travelers are trying to reduce their time in the air when they go away. For instance, many people are trying to find alternative means of travel instead of taking domestic flights. One other great tip to try to reduce your carbon footprint caused by flying is to try and always fly direct. Planes expel a lot of carbon during the take-off and landing phases, so the more you land and take off, then the less eco-friendly your journey will be.

If You Need To Fly, Offset The Carbon

Not flying at all could be difficult to do, depending of course where you are traveling to. Don't worry if you do have to get on a plane - you can always join an airline program that allows you to offset the carbon for your flight. The majority of airlines now offer these kinds of programs as they want to be seen as trying to do some good for the environment. To take part in these programs, you will more than likely have to pay a small fee. The size of the fee will depend on the length of your journey. This money will then be donated to a charitable cause that aims to prevent climate change. For example, quite a few airlines donate to charities that replant trees in the world's endangered forests.

Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Look For A Green Destination

It's also highly advisable to travel to green destinations as much as possible. There are some regions and cities around the world that are putting in a lot of effort to become carbon neutral and to fight back against climate change. Unfortunately, though, some cities aren't doing much to become more eco-friendly places. So, if you do want to travel to somewhere that is doing some good for the environment, cities like Copenhagen, Vancouver, and San Francisco should be on your bucket list.

For Road Trips, Buy Second Hand

Many people think that road trips are super bad for the environment, because of all the petrol or diesel you will need to use in the vehicle. Thankfully, though, traveling by car is quite a bit greener than going by plane. Plus, there are a few things you can do to improve the eco-friendliness of your road trip. For instance, if you don't already have a vehicle, it's a good idea to buy second hand. That goes for caravans as well, if you plan on taking one. This helps recycle old vehicles and saves them from going to the tip. You'll find plenty of expert advice on used caravans and cars online. It's also highly advisable to find a vehicle that uses a green form of fuel or is electric. You should also consider carpooling with other people. That reduces the number of vehicles on the road, and so will reduce the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Eco accommodation does not have to be expensive! Recently I shared a post encouraging people to chose eco-lodges during their holidays and a lot of people said that it is too expensive. I know that Instagram sometimes makes it look otherwise, but eco accommodation doesn't mean luxury suites where your bed sheets are made from 100% organic silk made by endangered butterflies. It does not necessarily need to have daily smoothies made out of exotic fruits grown at trees that are fertilised by rescued sloth manure. And no, you don't need to be offered meerkat yoga as a part of your experience. 😂 Here I am sitting in my chair made out of recycled car tyre, after showering outside with rainwater and after sleeping in a big tent in a treehouse. Real, rustic, eco and adventurous experience 😍 @teniquatreetops is absolutely self-sustainable, they collect their rainwater and filter it, produce electricity, have waterless toilets and have houses above trees. Eco accommodation doesn't mean expensive it means that the owners care! You can get amazing deals if you look further than and especially if you book in advance. Try to search for "Eco Lodges...(the place you visit)" next time you go somewhere and trust me you won't go back to usual chain hotels. P.S yes, sometimes those eco stays offer you great surprises like huge-ass spider visits as a part of your package 😂 but nature is beautiful and unpredictable, so I have to learn to appreciate those small things after I scream my head off 😂 #ecofriendly #ecohotel #beautifulhotels #sustainabletourism #sustainabletravel #ecolodge #ecoaccommodation

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Use Public Transport Networks Whenever Possible

You can travel a lot more greener than by taking a plane or car, though. You just need to stick to public transport and hop on a bus or train. These forms of transport create a very small carbon footprint. Sure, they can be a lot slower than driving or flying, but that gives you the chance to make the journey part of your whole vacation. You'll be able to hop off at different locations along the way, and as trains pass through some of the most rural areas in countries, you will definitely see some spectacular landscapes.

Take Reusable Bottles With You

Lots of travelers are often guilty of repeatedly buying plastic bottles of water. Make sure you aren't one of them, as this can be such a huge waste of plastic! It's a much better idea to buy a reusable bottle that you can take with you and keep on refilling throughout your trip. You might need to be careful if you are traveling to somewhere where it is unsafe to drink the tap water, though. In this case it could be best to stick to pre-bottled water so that you don't end up ill.

Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Shop Local

When you are looking for some cool souvenirs to take back home with you for all your friends and family, it's important that you always try to buy local. Ideally, this should be from a local family business or other kind of independent retailer. That's because they will have used local resources and materials to produce their wares, and they won't have imported any items to sell either. Importing products is extremely bad for the environment as some are often flown for thousands of miles, which can result in a huge carbon footprint. Making things locally and selling them locally isn't quite as bad for the environment.

Eat Local

As well as shopping locally, you should also endeavor to eat as locally as possible as well. This is because of the same philosophy as mentioned in the point above. Restaurants and other eateries that serve local dishes will be using locally sourced ingredients that grow and are farmed close to the location. They won't need any ingredients that have been imported far from other countries. One other fantastic reason to eat locally as much as possible is that you'll be able to sample some delicious local delicacies!

Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Seek Out Green Accommodation

When it comes to looking for somewhere to stay during your holiday, you should endeavor to look for a green hostel or hotel. These will use sustainable forms of energy, and should also feature a lot of furnishings that have been recycled or upcycled. If you don't want to stay in a hotel or hostel, staying in an Airbnb room is also a fairly sustainable option. That's because you will be sharing the space with the homeowner, so won't need to pay to inhabit a space all on your own. Not only that, though, but you will also be sharing the homeowner's resources which will also help you cut down on waste and energy consumption as well.

Be Respectful To Nature

Whenever you are going off on a hike or exploring the local countryside, you should also be respectful to nature. This will prevent you from accidentally destroying some animals' or plants' natural habitats and putting their lives in danger. So, one good tip is to always stick to the well-trodden path when you are on a hike. Whatever you do, you shouldn't diverge from this path or you could end up trampling through a species's home and natural habitat. That might end up significantly damaging a fragile ecosystem.

Treat Yourself And The Planet - Plan An Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure! Source

Always Recycle

You probably won't be able to get away with creating no waste when you are traveling. No matter how hard you may try, your travels will also result in a little wastage. You should always try to recycle what waste you can, though. This will prevent it from having too much of a negative effect on the surrounding environment. If an item is unable to be recycled, you should make sure that it goes in an appropriate trash can and that you never litter anywhere.

Put The "Do Not Disturb" Sign On Your Hotel Room's Door

If you ever do stay in a hotel, you will probably notice a do not disturb sign somewhere in the room. This is for you to place on the hotel room door. Once it is up, the cleaners won't try to enter to clean your room every day. You should always hang this sign, as a lot of energy will be used when the cleaners do clean the room each and every day.

Happy travels!

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